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Unity and Outreach Tour – 2021

1. Pastors’ group strategic discussion – with practical updates

A visit to willing pastors’ groups in 50 cities and towns to feed a specific conversation about the potential and function of our unity, with examples of things we could do in these times – while connecting pastors to updates on a dozen national outreach organisations, innovators and ideas from other pastors’ groups that are either proving themselves, or that might have potential yet for widespread united effort and collaboration.

What could we achieve together nationally that we could not achieve apart?

2. Youth leaders gatherings in each place to discuss the dynamics of unity in relation to outreach

Christian youth ministry is facing some significant challenges, including a powerful temptation to abandon our integrity so as to survive in what will become an increasingly hostile environment otherwise. We believe we can bring insights and encouragement in two specific areas – these being (1) unity and and (2) wisdom for engaging spiritual and other conversations in an increasingly hostile environment.

In weekends, we can give youth exposure to cutting-edge inspiration, teaching and training that could really change things for them with regard to their outreach.

3. Engage Conferences (About unity and outreach) — one per province

We are offering a simple Friday night and Saturday conference to most provinces to help leaders help their youth and adult members.

Content is deliberately strategic — giving access to messages, or a clarity of thought on outreach related topics, that could inspire and shape new innovation so we engage in today’s world as winsomely as possible!

Fantastic feedback is coming in from the conferences giving a great flavour of what to expect:

  • “Wow everything spoken about was gold”
  •  “I learnt so much – you are a great encouragement to all – keep it up”
  •  “Absolutely loved the practical content you share about every topic”
  •  “Great delivery on real life issues that’s now changed my thinking”
  •  “I wish I’d heard some of this content years ago”
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  • Church unity, cultural change and the gospel (the suggested topic for combined church Sunday evening services if the timing suits a provinces plans for these — otherwise to start a conference)
  • Conversational skills and the gospel (including Jesus’ conversational skills for hostile environments. A very important are of skill-development in God’s Church nationally at this time)
  • Church small groups and the gospel (because small groups have the same mission as local congregations, all Christian individuals – and all of us together as God’s Church. But how could we get this working for ourselves?)
  • Youth ministries, unity and the gospel (a needed priority area)
  • Biculturalism and the gospel (a God-honouring dynamic that also has relevance to our mission)
  • The importance of our values history to the gospel (Those who tell the history write the future. As God’s Church in this nation, we’ve been negligent in this area for too long. Hear how we could change)
  • Democracy and the gospel (Our systems of Government have come from our faith more than many realise. If we don’t understand this history and then engage public conversations with this awareness, history shows we can lose what we’ve got. I’d present a Biblical and historic view on democratic government — to give church members and youth ‘lenses’ through which to understand what we have, and how we could therefore engage)
  • Separate topics for church leaders are possible (The above is to intrigue, inform and inspire all believers for their mission) .

Ps Kristen Williams has been asked to be available to help with youth tracks on conference — with a view to bringing a dynamic of faith, commitment and holiness that carries something unique also.

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Unity Tour

Details by region


26th October- Tuesday

  • Warkworth Pastors Meeting 1pm: info here

27th October- Wednesday

  • Kerikeri Pastors Meeting 2pm: info here

29th October- Friday

  • Kaitaia Pastors Meeting 8:30am: info here
  • Engage Conference Whangarei (TBC)




  • Engage Conference Auckland 


  • Engage Conference Auckland


20th July– Tuesday

  • Cambridge Pastors Meetings 2:30pm: info here
  • Te Awamutu Pastors Meetings 11am: info here
  • Otorohanga Pastors Meetings (Join at Te Awamutu)

22nd July– Thursday

  • Paeroa Pastors Meeting 9am: info here
  • Huntly Pastors Meeting 2pm: info here

28th July– Wednesday

  • Thames Pastors Meeting 2pm: info here

29th July- Thursday

  • Whitianga Pastors Meeting 10am: info here

30th – 31st July– Fri – Sat

  • Engage Conference Hamilton- info here

10th August- Tuesday

  • Matamata Pastor meeting 12pm: info here


27th July– Tuesday

  • Whakatane Pastors Meeting 7am: info here
  • Te Puke Pastors Meeting (TBC)

28th July– Wednesday

  • Waihi Pastor Meeting 10:30am: info here

29th July– Thursday

  • Katikati Pastor Meeting 2pm: info here

4th August– Wednesday

  • Tauranga 12pm Pastors Meeting

12th August- Thursday

  • Rotorua 12pm Pastors Meeting: info here


15th June- Tuesday

  • Fielding 2pm Pastor Meeting: info here

16th June- Wednesday

  • Waverly Pastors Coffee: info here

17th June- Thursday

  • Levin 10:30pm Pastors Meeting: info here
  • Marton 2pm Pastors Meeting: info here

19th June– Saturday

  • Engage Conference Palmerston North 9am-1pm: info here

29th June- Tuesday

  • Whanganui Pastors Meeting: info here

30th June- Wednesday

  • Hawera Pastors Meeting: info here
  • Stratford Pastors Meeting: info here

1st July- Thursday

  • New Plymouth 12 pm Pastors Meeting: info here

2nd July- Friday

  • Engage Evening Conference New Plymouth: info here

3rd July- Saturday

  • Engage Conference New Plymouth: info here


8th June- Tuesday 

  • Gisborne Pastors’ meeting 12pm: info here

9th June- Wednesday

  • Dannevirke- Pastors Meeting (TBC)

10th June– Thursday

  • Napier- 12pm Pastors Meeting- info here

11th June- Friday

  • Havelock (Hastings) Pastors Meeting 9am: info here
  • Engage Youth Service– 6:30pm Bay Baptist.

12th June- Saturday

  • Engage Conference Napier 9am- 3pm: info here


2nd June- Wednesday

  • Upper Hutt Pastors Meeting 12pm

22nd June- Tuesday 

  • Mirimar Pastors Meeting 2pm: info here

23rd June- Wednesday

  • Porirua Pastors Meeting 9:45am: info here
  • Kapiti Pastors Meeting 12pm: info here

24th June- Thursday

  • Masterton Pastors Meeting 11am: info here
  • Kapiti Training Event 7pm: info here

25th June- Friday

  • Lower Hutt Pastors Meeting 10am: info here
  • Central Wellington Pastors Meeting (TBC)
  • Engage Conference Wellington 7pm-9pm: info here

26th June– Saturday

  • Engage Conference Wellington 9am-3pm: info here


29th April – Thursday:

  • Picton 11am Pastors Meeting- info here.
  • Blenheim Pastors Meeting- info here

30th April – Friday:

  • Kaikoura 1pm Pastors Meeting- info here

26th May– Wednesday

  • Nelson 12pm Pastors Meeting- info here

27th May– Thursday

  • Richmond 12pm Pastors Meeting – info here

28th May– Friday

  • Engage Conference Nelson – info here, Friday 7pm-9pm for youth. St Stephen’s Anglican

29th May– Saturday

  • Engage Conference Nelson – For youth and adults. 9am to 3pm. St Stephen’s Anglican. (Dave Mann and Kristen Williams as speakers) (info here)


21st May– Friday

  • Greymouth 12pm Pastors Meeting: info here
  • Engage Conference, 7.30pm to 9.30pm, 40 Richmond Street, youth and adults. 

22nd May– Saturday

  • Engage Conference Greymouth- info here (9am to 3pm, 40 Richmond Street – for both youth and adults).

25th May– Tuesday

  • Westport 11am Pastor Meeting: info here


5th May– Wednesday

  • Rangiora Pastors   – Private coffee via Kerry, or attend tomorrow for strategic view.

6th May – Thursday

  • Christchurch 12pm Pastors Meeting- info here – noting RSVP for lunch.

7th May– Friday

  • Ashburton 12pm Pastors Lunch- info here.

8th May– Saturday

  • Engage Conference: Ashburton, 9am to 3pm: info here

11th May– Tuesday

  • Timaru 10am Pastors Meeting- info here


11th May– Tuesday

  • Oamaru- 2pm Pastors Meeting- info here

12th May– Wednesday

  • Dunedin- 12:30 Pastors Lunch- info here
  • Mosgiel- 5pm Pastors Meeting

13th May– Thursday

  • Invercargill- 12pm Pastors Meeting- info here

15th May– Saturday

  • Engage Conference Invercargill- info here (9am to 3pm, youth and adults, Eastside Baptist Church)

19th May– Wednesday

  • Alexandra 10am Pastors Meeting- info here
  • Wanaka Pastors Meeting- info here

20th May– Thursday

  • Queenstown 9:30am Pastors Meeting- info here

Unity Tour

Overview by region

NOTE Covid-19 Levels:

Under Level 1: Conferences & Meetings will go ahead without restrictions.

Under Level 2 Restrictions: The conferences & meetings will be held safely adhering to Covid-19 guidelines and attendee limitations (see individual event flyers for more details)

Under Level 3 or higher: Conferences will not go ahead.

“The Christian Church is no longer in the majority. The question is how we might become an effectively activated minority?”

(From ‘In One Spirit’, by Dave Mann, published May 2019)


“Local Churches Together Enabling National Change”

(2020 – short video that could catalyse robust conversation, and potentially new results, for many pastors’ groups)

The video above was created to feed important strategic discussion by city and town pastors’ groups about the way forward.  

  • Please click here to download the accompanying notes / discussion questions.

There are things we can do together that we cannot do apart. Are we open to considering the real-time implications of this idea for our leadership?

The mandate for city pastors’ groups is surely to do things together that individual churches cannot accomplish alone, and the same limit would apply for any discussion on  what we might work on together as a collective of city/town pastors’ groups also!    

A comment from Dave Mann regarding the necessary limit on what our SLT team might bring to a city/town pastors’ group for discussion.