Global Outreach Day

One day. One world. One message.

GO2020 is…

…a rebranding of Global Outreach Day. It is an international unity effort focused prayer and outreach that is unequalled anywhere in history.  

May 2020 has been agreed upon as a globally united month for prayer and evangelism by tens of millions of believers and their church movements and networks internationally.

Goal for the decade of the 2020s:

100m believers mobilised annually to connect the gospel with 1 billion people each May.


The list is long and growing. For organisations we might recognise consider EHC, EE, WEA, Cru (CCC/Tandem), YWAM, GDOP, 24-7 Prayer, TBN, Global Advance, Teen Challenge, Bethel, ABS, Alpha, Timothy Project, Steiger, Joyce Meyer, Luis Pulau, CfaN, Jesus Film Project, yesHEis, etc. Plus various denominations internationally, and then Church networks within each nation in over 150 nations.


6 page GO2020 A5 flyer – download here

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To do what? 

(1) Prayer united gatherings

(2) Intentional equipping (video  / pulpit / seminar)

(3) Personal efforts (‘the 5’ refers to an idea to encourage every person to identify 5 people they will seek to encourage toward faith in the month of May.

(4) Group efforts — With most events in 2020 cancelled due to Coronavirus everyone is adapting. One simple idea is that people video their testimony in under 1min (so it works on various social media platforms) and then post it online with the hashtag (so people can find it) #bestdayofmylife 

2020 global vision - 1 billion reached

The go2020 vision is to see 100 million believers mobilised to connect the Christian message with 1 billion people in the month of May 2020. With the scope of networks and nations involved, this kind of goal is becoming realistic internationally.

About G.O.D. promotion in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific

Dave Mann of the Shining Lights Trust (SLT) served as a regional ‘coordinator’ in the Australia-Pacific region from 2016 to 2020. Beyond May 2020 this role is vacant – with Raj Narayanan of Evangelism Explosion NZ looking to raise awareness amongst churches in future years. Partners supporting will likely include Rhema Media, Shining Lights Trust and NZ Christian Network – all of whom have helped raise awareness in New Zealand in prior years.

The primary other nations connected in the region are Australia, Samoa and the Solomons. .

For churches - tools for promotion


  • Download an 2020 NZ 6 page A5 promo flyer here
  • View an Australia/NZ-Pacific 2 sided 2020 A5 flyer here
  • View a NZ A6 ad/graphic (for newsletters, publications, websites) here

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For churches: What is partnership? What are the goals really?


Semi-regular email updates from the international team can be subscribed for by registering to  be involved at

What to do?

Entirely up to you. God is doing something unprecedented in the ‘unity space’ internationally. It is up to us each to work out how we best relate to that. The key measures are surly the pro-active principles and values we are uniting in.

  • Have we communicated a clear gospel as the subject of some Sunday messages (aka – restoring the art of clear and compelling gospel preaching)
  • Have we run outreach events?
  • Have we empowered small groups to innovate and run their own outreaches?
  • Have we equipped individuals for personal witness – including the conversational skills necessary for this in a society like our own, in which there is considerable scepticism and indifference toward the Christian faith?
  • Have we intentionally encouraged this outreaching culture through regular testimony,. encouragement, sermons, small group studies -and by other means, so our members and local church is genuinely oriented around it’s God-given mission?

Beyond the above measures for assessment…

  • How many people did we connect the Christian message of hope with by some means as a result of all of our individual, small group and combined efforts as a congregation?
  • How many church members are we aware of who engaged with this challenge – and attempted to therefore engage with friends in conversations about spiritual things?
  • How many are we aware of who made a decision to draw nearer to God?
  • How many are we aware of who made a decision to follow Christ?

People always say they will evangelize tomorrow. G.O.D. makes it ‘today’ (2 Corinthians 6:2). 

It is a simple effort that can have a significant effect.