Global Outreach Day

One day. One world. One message.

Global Outreach Day is the  largest outreach mobilisation effort in human history.

In 2019, Global Outreach Day is Saturday 25th May (Last Saturday of May – timed for Pentecost). #savethedate

One day. One world. One message.

Believers everywhere, annually trained and mobilised.

NZ, Australia and Pacific plans are below.

Or  see the international website for more:

2020 global vision - 1 billion reached

The 2020 Global Outreach Day vision is to see 100 million believers mobilised to connect the Christian message with 1 billion people in the month of May 2020.

Many partnership with national Church leaders, and international TV preachers, organisations and evangelists are being established for this.

God’s people are lining up to work with some quite remarkable unity!

About G.O.D. promotion in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific

The key facilitator of the Global Outreach Day (G.O.D.) is Dave Mann of the Shining Lights Trust (SLT)

  • The SLT passes information to 25+ outreaching organisations within NZ annually, encouraging their participation.
  • Basic radio and print ads are created and sent annually to various publications, in case they are willing to place them.
  • Lew Meyer of OAC has worked with Dave Mann (SLT) to encourage regional equipping days a week prior to G.O.D.
  • In Australia, Stu Millar is the national coordinator, and is duplicating the above efforts, while also traveling to meet groups of pastors to encourage utilisation of the opportunity, while equipping all members for conversational outreach through the pulpit and small group.
  • G.O.D. has also been started in Samoa – with Morgan Ezra Gegera (EHC) are the national coordinator, supported by Ps Samoa Unoi (Peace Chapel).
  • Roy Funu promotes this annually in the Solomon Islands – while empowering Pacifica peoples at a pacifica conference he runs annually at the same time (hosted in Vanuatu and then the Cook Islands the previous two years).
  • It is hoped that coordinators will be found for other Pacific Nations
  • A fun Pacifica celebration is planned for 2020, including cultural dances from half a dozen nations, followed by testimonies. An international Christian TV station is looking to telecast this as part of a 24 hour programme about Global Outreach Day 2020.

For pastors - What do we do?

‘A habit begins with a first step.’


The goal is that people reach at the least ONE person with the Gospel on Global Outreach Day

…though any effort to do something new is surely a ‘win’ for you and your church!

This could be attempted through a one-on-one conversation with an unsaved friend or neighbour over coffee or…

  • a FB post inviting conversations (Note the amazing app)
  • a sincere question about faith to a long-time friend,
  • the giving out of Christian booklets to letterboxes or householders,
  • an act of love and kindness with a smile and an open ear,
  • engaging a conversation on the streets or campus,
  • or extending an invitation to a local outreach event.

Encourage your members to do something that will work for them – or to try something that they haven’t done before.

TO PROMOTE TO YOUR MEMBERS: Download an 2018 NZ A5 flyer here (or a print-ready version with a ‘bleed’ for mass printing here), an A6 ad here, and use the promotional video found at the top of this webpage.



  1. PULPIT AND SMALL GROUP (for everyone)
  2. OR A TRAINING DAY (for the more visionary and passionate)


Global Outreach Day could affect just two of your Sundays per year – or you could do a month of equipping:

Key dates:

  • The week(s) before: Equip and mobilise through the pulpit and small group.
  • Friday: Gather to pray (the ‘Global Upper Room’)
  • Saturday (Global Outreach Day): Have your members share the gospel with others by any means
  • Sunday: Preach the gospel so that people who are invited can understand it. Have coffee or a meal with people who have expressed interest in learning more.
  • Two weeks later: Send a report to us, with statistics, so we can track national growth and developments (


(A) THROUGH THE PULPIT – please see our strategy for pastors, to help them build an authentic ‘outreaching culture’ in their church at

  • There are free sermon outlines, with studies, to be found at this


The AllTogether/Hope Project team facilitate this in the Bay of Plenty.

OAC (Lew Meyer — facilitate these in a number of other provinces.


  • The Shining Lights Trust sends out monthly updates to all subscribed NZ pastors about outreach. These include information on Global Outreach Day. Subscribe at the bottom of
  • International updates can be subscribed for at
  • A key international resources is the ‘3 steps’ training booklet: This is written, and regularly updated, by the founders of Global Outreach Day.

What report questions will be asked after G.O.D. annually?

Those receiving the international G.O.D. updates will be asked a few more questions than the below…

However, those receiving emails via will be asked the below:

  • How many were equipped reach out?
  • How many went to reach out?
  • How many different people were engaged in a gospel conversation as a result?
  • How many heard the gospel?
  • How many responded to receive Christ?
  • Could you please tell us some encouraging stories from this so we can encourage others.

2017 NZ report


From Dave Mann, local coordinator, 2017 and 2018

Hear 4 x 1 minute long testimonies here from Vic, Norman, Matt and Kaylee

2017 was the first year that NZ Churches participated in Global Outreach Day (G.O.D.).  G.O.D. was given profile in NZ via Christian radio to about 200,000 evangelicals, as well as promotion in person to about 1000 pastors in 2016. It was recognised as a day on which to encourage those who pastors are equipping to take new steps. It was also utilized in several places as an opportunity to have evangelism training for those who are ready to reach out to people they do not know (beyond their own friends and colleagues/neighbours).

We had no idea how many places participated – however through my travel I am already encountering churches (like a couple of the below) who did things out of their own motivation, on the basis of simple awareness.

Reports received – 10

Trained (from just these 9 reports) – 270 people

Engagements / conversations with non-Church people – about 350

Gospel – to about 190

Booklets and tracts given – about 160

Decisions to follow Christ – 4

In 2018 the effort was promoted to 20+ organisations and Rhema Media promoted it through their three national radio channels and Shine TV. Because the Hope Project had taken the gospel to most Kiwi homes at Easter, few extra events were organised. People were encouraged to complete personal visitation to gift Hope Project booklets to ‘no circulars’ homes throughout the nation, who would not have received them through the national delivery. This pattern is likely to continue in 2019.

Meanwhile OAC’s ministry in evangelism training in Pacific nations is increasing. While not branded as G.O.D. this is achieving the goal.

It remains a hope that G.O.D. might be more on the radar of believers in Pacifica nations.

People always say they will evangelize tomorrow. G.O.D. makes it ‘today’ (2 Corinthians 6:2). 

It is a simple effort that can have a significant effect.