Global Outreach Day

One day. One world. One message.

Global Outreach Day is an international phenomenon! Beginning in 2012 it has already been labelled the largest outreach mobilisation effort in human history! It is about mobilising individuals as witnesses – and its momentum is helping believers everywhere to start sharing their faith too!

One day. One world. One message.

For more, see the international website at

To read a 2017 report, go to the bottom of this webpage.


New Zealand Plans for Saturday 26th May 2018

For pastors - What can we get our members to do, and how?

Download an 2018 NZ A5 flyer here, or an A6 ad here

Useful mottos for NZ are  ‘Just do something!’ and ‘A habit begins with a first step.’

1. You can prepare and mobilise your church

1a. The goal and some ideas

The big goal is that people reach at the least ONE person with the Gospel on Global Outreach DayIt could be attempted through a one-on-one conversation with an unsaved friend or neighbour over coffee or…

  • a FB post inviting conversations (Note the amazing app – and see their 30sec G.O.D. promo video here, and 90sec video herewhy not show this to your congregation?)
  • a sincere question about faith to a long-time friend,
  • the giving out of Christian booklets to letterboxes or householders,
  • an act of love and kindness with a smile and an open ear,
  • engaging a conversation on the streets or campus,
  • or extending an invitation to a local outreach event.

There are many options. Do something you haven’t done before. Do what will work for you.

1b. How?

Global Outreach Day could affect just two of your Sundays per year:

  • The week(s) before: Equip and mobilise through the pulpit and small group.
  • Friday: Gather to pray (the ‘Global Upper Room’)
  • Saturday (Global Outreach Day): Have your members share the gospel with others by any means
  • Sunday: Preach the gospel so that people who are invited can understand it. Have coffee or a meal with people who have expressed interest in learning more.
  • Two weeks later: Send a report to us, with statistics, so we can track national growth and developments (

Click on the corresponding links for the information pack, the ‘3 steps’ training booklet and or pdf flyer at the top of this section above.

2. Release those interested to ‘reaching people they don’t know’ to participate in the regional training and action days

Regional training days will be planned in various provinces for the Saturday or Sunday before G.O.D., with carefully considered outreach efforts then taking place on streets, in parks, from house-to-house etc. on G.O.D. itself.

Download more below:

The ‘3 steps’ training booklet and pdf flyer.

For Tauranga – contact or

For Auckland or the OAC network nationally – contact

For all who'd appreciate some training on how to initiate and engage meaningful conversation with new people

Regional training days are likely to be planned again in 2017 – along with a range of options for application.

For Tauranga, or general enquiries – contact or

For Auckland, and possibly PN, Hamilton, Napier, Nelson and Christchurch – contact

How can I access free resources, ideas and support?

A. To receive motivational emails with ideas from the international team subscribe at

B. To receive the AllTogether / Hope Project teams monthly ‘news and prayer updates’ – subscribe for either the ‘pastors’ or ‘individual’ (news and prayer) updates at the bottom  of this webpage.

Note, we also have a FB page called All Together NZ.

About G.O.D. facilitators in New Zealand
  • The vision of a ‘global outreach day’, timed for Pentecost, belongs to all believers.
  • Dave Mann is the facilitator for G.O.D. in New Zealand, and the Australia-Pacific region.
  • Lew Meyer of OAC is also a facilitator – by nature of his role as director of OAC.
  • 15 other outreach-organisational leaders receive information on this, so they can also utilise the momentum of a global day.
  • David Dishroon (Pastor, ChangePoint Church, Tauranga) was an initiator for this in NZ, and encourages an active outreaching team in their local church.
  • Julie Young is similar for Canterbury, as a facilitator of the Christchurch Evangelism Network.
  • Many others with a similar heart will also be proactive.
What are the current G.O.D. NZ plans?

In our capacity as national facilitators of G.O.D. we will be:

  • informing ministers’ associations throughout the nation
  • informing church outreach organisations throughout the nation
  • seeking to gain some profile for this through Christian media in NZ
  • facilitate something ourselves, where we are.


  1. We already provide a range of equipping resources
  2. We videoed a 1.15hr Global Outreach Day training in Tauranga in 2017 – which is available on youtube.
  3. Note the  ‘3 steps’ training booklet, written by the initiators of G.O.D.
  4. Note the promotional video. 
  5. Note the promotional flyers for NZ, Australia, Samoa and the Solomons
  6. From 2018 onwards are are proposing to pastors throughout the nation that NZ Churches run the ‘Hope Project’ annually at Easter – so Jesus is noted publicly in some way on this weekend. Spare booklets would be available for use at Pentecost.
  7. While no public fundraising is planned, a few key donors to help with promotions and a little travel are needed for media. Can you help?
What report questions will be asked after G.O.D. annually?

Those receiving the international G.O.D. updates will be asked a few more questions than the below…

However, those receiving emails via will be asked the below:

  • How many were equipped reach out?
  • How many went to reach out?
  • How many different people were engaged in a gospel conversation as a result?
  • How many heard the gospel?
  • How many responded to receive Christ?
  • Could you please tell us some encouraging stories from this so we can encourage others.
What are the current G.O.D. Australia plans?

Register at

There are two separate updates Australians can receive:

  1. For all: Inspiration, ideas, stories from the international office – 5 to 6 times per year.
  2. For key church leaders: Visions, strategy, free resources supporting the mobilisation strategy – 4 to 5 times per year.

September 2016 – Dave Mann and Stu Millar made first-connection with pastors in Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane. Stu repeated this in April 2017. The response of those who attended was very positive! Future strategy will be based around conversations with state and national denominational leaders.


The Australian effort has TWO components

  • Global Outreach Day – the day
  • The ‘Outreaching Culture’ strategy for pastors.

These are explained at

Possible resources:

  • Challenge paper is an amazing gospel newspaper that could be given to people or homes, and the papers are free. Contact to place orders.
  • YesHeIs have developed an amazing app. Look for it at the app store, and then take their ‘5 day challenge’ – to learn how to be effective in outreach online.  They have also helped with a 30sec G.O.D. promo video that you can view here, and a 90sec video explaining their app here.

Saturday 19 May 2018: Equipping events could be an option

Sunday 21 May 2018: Pastors preach their equipping

Friday 25th May: Global prayer for work outreach 

Saturday 26 May 2017: Global Outreach Day

Note: The last Saturday of May is also ‘Australian Thanksgiving Day.’ Where there is a clash, churches are encouraged to celebrate ‘Global Outreach Day’ a week earlier or later.

2017 NZ report


From Dave Mann, local coordinator, 13th June 2017


Hear 4 x 1 minute long testimonies here from Vic, Norman, Matt and Kaylee

2017 was the first year that NZ Churches participated in Global Outreach Day (G.O.D.).  G.O.D. was given profile in NZ via Christian radio to about 200,000 evangelicals, as well as promotion in person to about 1000 pastors in 2016. It was recognised as a day on which to encourage those who pastors are equipping to take new steps. It was also utilized in several places as an opportunity to have evangelism training for those who are ready to reach out to people they do not know (beyond their own friends and colleagues/neighbours).


We had no idea how many places participated – however through my travel I am already encountering churches (like a couple of the below) who did things out of their own motivation, on the basis of simple awareness.

Reports received – 10

Trained (from just these 9 reports) – 270 people

Engagements / conversations with non-Church people– about 350

Gospel – to about 190

Booklets and tracts given – about 160

Decisions to follow Christ – 4


While these numbers seem small we are not discouraged.

–       More people did things than this (many do not send reports)

–       This is part of a bigger picture within which we are aware of hundreds of pastors beginning to equip their members for ‘everyday conversational witness.’ With time one outcome will be an increased number desiring to connect the gospel beyond the limits of their current friends/relationships.

Comment: The very nature of the Church’s mission nationally is that many additional efforts to connect the Christian message with the ‘unreached’ are needed. The unreached includes those who are beyond the reaches of church programmes, and/or who do not have a church-going friend – and this might represent half or more of all people living in our nation.  Global Outreach Day can be catalytic for training and new experiences that can help in this vital yet often overlooked part of the work Jesus gave his Church.

People always say they will evangelize tomorrow. G.O.D. makes it ‘today’ (2 Corinthians 6:2). 

It is a simple effort that can have a significant effect.