Promotional Videos

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Hope Project Promotion Videos

Use these videos to promote the Hope Project to your congregation.

Promotional Videos

Share these videos in your services or on your churches Facebook page to promote the Hope Project to your members.

This video is a call to partner with the Hope Project. Share it with your members to encourage their involvement.

This video is a call to you and your church members to equip and prepare for the conversational opportunities that Phase III Hope Project media will give way to. Share it with your members to encourage them to prepare.

TV Ads

These TV aired between Sunday 6 – Saturday 26 March 2016 for Phase III of the Hope Project. They promote the ‘Jesus Connection’ booklet that was delivered to letterboxes nationwide and encourage people to attend church at Easter.

This ad aired on national TV for two weeks from Sunday 6th – Saturday 19th March 2016 for the launch of the last phase of the Hope Project. It promotes the third ‘Hope For All’ booklet that was delivered to letterboxes nationwide.

This ad aired nationally for one weeks from Sunday 20th – Saturday 26th March 2016. It encourages Kiwi’s to go to a church near them during Easter weekend (Fri 25th – Mon 28th March).

This 30 second promotional video played as an ad on Shine TV from November 2015, promoting the third phase of the Hope Project.

Eight questions in 8 minutes

Here are eight commonly asked questions about the Hope Project answered by project director Dave Mann in 8 minutes.

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