“The Christian Church is no longer in the majority. The question is how we might become an effectively activated minority?”

(From ‘In One Spirit’, by Dave Mann, published May 2019)


Here is what replaces it


The planned four months of travel was purposed (a)  connect with pastors’ groups nationally while (b) doing 12 weekends of ministry in 12 places with various of the members, leaders and youth leaders of the combined churches in each place. This is canceled.


  • A highly-strategic 15min video covering 4 topics, for pastors’ groups to discuss – and all pastors to reflect upon.
  • …while hoping we might travel in 2021 instead.

“Local Churches Together Enabling National Change”

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What’s the point -and do I really need ‘discussion notes’? 

The point of this conversation is that we consider the plausibility of united strategies.

  • What would a realistic united strategy look like – noting that we’re all busy, and some could come up with 1000 ideas of things we ‘should’ do?!

This is the conversation – and we engage it with belief that there might be some sensible answers!

Please do reflect carefully not only on the points – but especially on the DNA of the points.

  • Do we really need to work together – or should we let God choreograph everything while we focus on working independently?
  • Why unite – specifically?
  • On what?
  • Also – please answer in a specific manner, how?

…because there could be many agendas – and we’re all busy before we even start this discussion on our unity!

The mandate for city pastors’ groups is surely to do things together that individual churches cannot accomplish alone, and the same limit would apply for any discussion on  what we might work on together as a collective of city/town pastors’ groups also!    

A comment from Dave Mann regarding the necessary limit on what our SLT team might bring to a city/town pastors’ group for discussion.