The booklet delivery to homes now stops

Kia ora Hope Project volunteers.

Further to the email you received this week asking to pause the booklet delivery, please see these further details to understand. I ask this for the glory and name of Jesus.

This is for all volunteers who have NOT completed their delivery areas. Please do not deliver any more hope booklets.

(1) STOPPING: Our requirement that all deliveries stop is VERY IMPORTANT. While this has a cost to our effort, this is also about what is good and right. The booklets are just paper – not the gospel. We – ‘Hope Project’ – have done a wrong. While unintentional, it has been found that we did not have permissions to use the image of the Māori warrior in the booklet – and it was wrongly edited also. This has also deeply hurt some people. See the homepage at for more.

(2) MOTIVATION: While some have rallied in support and defense of those we hurt – expressing their anger loudly online, we are not responding here out of intimidation. We are responding with a view to what is right, in consideration of those we have genuinely hurt.

(3) HONOURING CHRIST: This action step is also important because we represent Christ. LEGALLY: Those we have wronged are being very gracious. I am humbled by them! We do not have permission or rights to further distribute this booklet. This must be understood. Any further delivering to letterboxes is therefore WRONG. As Christians we respond by doing what is right 🙂

(4) YOUR NEEDED STEP: When finished reading this message, can each person receiving this please copy and pass this to anyone you may have given booklets to for delivery somewhere – only unless you are already certain they are finished or know to stop? This matter is sensitive and urgent.

(5) WHAT HAPPENS NEXT: In the near future will be in touch regarding what to do with the unused delivery supplies of this booklet. It is very possible they will be destroyed. But please do not grieve this. This is just paper – not the gospel.

(6) PRINCIPLES AND PERSPECTIVE: God honours those who honour him. The opportunity that sits on the other side of this might be greater than the cost.

(7) PERSONAL SUMMARY FROM DAVE: The above is said with all hope and thanks by me – because we serve a great God. There is a wider situation and process than can be stated concisely here. Trusting what we are saying – please even be JOYFUL. This is just paper – not the gospel. There will be other opportunities. God will honour obedient and right actions.

Dave Mann – Coordinator, Hope Project.