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The Elephant in the Room, by Dave Mann

It seeks to address an area of neglect that many seem disinterested in discussing: This thing called ‘evangelism’ is often in the ‘too hard basket’ in our churches, yet is integral to our mission. It’s the elephant in the room!
Discover the missing links that are stopping our Churches achieving their mission.

This book is only written because Dave believes there is hope. There is a way forward! Specifically, there are now solutions on the table that could remedy the current situation. They are profound — yet simple. The question is, are we ready to read, consider and apply them?

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Because We Care, by Dave Mann

A practical and motivational guide to evangelism in the NEW WORLD.

This book provides a simple, practical & achievable approach to doing something we’ve all been talking about for decades: Developing a sustainable culture of personal conversational Christian witness in our Churches that is suited to our times.
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In One Spirit, by Dave Mann

The Christian Church no longer enjoys a majority status in our society. How could we adapt, to become an effectively activated minority?

How could we better release the hope of Christ beyond the bewildering intersection of our mission with denomination, Church and culture?

This book is about the function of the Church at the city and national levels. Why don’t we work together more — or is it that we can’t? The answer lies in our thinking. We’ve been led to believe that our functional unity is an idealism, when it’s actually the very thing Jesus prayed for (John 17). While some character-flaws might inhibit it, the Holy Spirit was given to help of us overcome these too (Galatians 5:22-23)! So here is a highly practical book that discusses cultural trends, what we could do together in view of them, and how united leadership might be released — all based on the foundational belief that, because the Holy Spirit is with us, more really is yet possible!

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“The art of storytelling – and of becoming an intriguing person”, by Dave Mann

Introduction: Public media and education shape perspectives. Excluding Christian messages can make them seem irrelevant, and negative portrayals can harm our faith’s image. To counter this, we need to speak up more. This book focuses on the art of storytelling to share Christian ideas effectively in public. Let our stories be heard!

In summary of the lesson of this short book: Stories can be told in everyday conversation (or in talks) in which a reason for faith is the secondary component, not the primary. As the art of this kind of storytelling is caught, it will begin to affect EVERY COMMUNICATION EFFORT WE MAKE!

  • This includes all preaching – as also all conversations.
  • Why achieve one thing when you could achieve two?
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Why Christians believe Christianity to be true, by Dave Mann

This boxed set of 7 booklets are well researched, with references to recognised experts in a wide range of areas. They include many images, illustrations and quotations which enhance interest and engagement with the text (which totals 240 pages across the 7 booklets).

This is a quality print product in every way, remarkably concise for what it communicates, easy to read, and in a cover sleeve designed to look good on a shelf.

They can be used as a standalone resource, or in combination with the 7 videos & discussion guides available at whychristiansbelieve.nz.

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  • Download PDF versions of each booklet here:

Booklet 1: Did God really create?

Booklet 2: The world’s most reliable ancient document

Booklet 3: The world’s most prophetic book

Booklet 4: A seemingly crazy claim

Booklet 5: A seemingly arrogant claim

Booklet 6: An explanation that makes sense

Booklet 7: A faith that works

The WHAT and HOW of YOUTH and YOUNG ADULT ministry, by Dave Mann

If I’d been been given a book like this when I started out in Youth and Young Adults leadership I think it would have made a HUGE difference!

This book is only available online. And its FREE!

  • Each chapter is presented as a web page, and has a link to the next chapter at the conclusion.
  • There are also links to downloadable resources — see below.

We pray these are both helpful and used.

Dave Mann, Daniel Chua, Mark Poh

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