Church Resources

Short promotional videos and ads encouraging engagement with the Hope Project, and the ‘8 FAQs Questions in 8 Minutes’ videos.

An intuitive online course for new believers with a training session that takes 3 mins 41 seconds.

Included are church booklets, Hope Project booklets, A3 promotional posters and 10 Day Challenge cards.

Leadership Resources

Free eBook downloads. From this page you are free to download books by Dave Mann for your own reading pleasure.

Motivational message outlines, and sermon series to help you equip and mobilise

Video collections equipping youth leaders, to help them see more results!

The what and how, this is a free online leadership book by Dave Mann for youth and young adult ministries (originally written in a Singaporean context).

Based on the Paki series telling stories of early NZ heroes, Maori and Pakeha, male and female.

Video Collections

Training to share the reason for our faith.

A series specifically for evangelisers titled ‘Reaching people you don’t know’.

A collection of equipping videos for youth, and also youth leaders.

Very concise video series, with discussion questions, introducing foundational teaching for your conversations with new believers.

The ‘Unpacking life’ series tells stories of everyday kiwis who found hope in Christ.

The ‘Firestarters’ series has stories from normal people who have just shared their faith with someone else.

The ‘pastor2pastor’ series tells the stories of pastors who have applied the ‘All Together Consulting’ leadership habits – and are now seeing culture change!

A collection of videos answering common questions about Christianity.

A series focusing on the christian history of NZ.