A united effort to return CHRIST to CHRISTMAS in the public square in Aotearoa-New Zealand


Christ has been all-but fully removed from CHRISTmas nationally, including on television, in print-media, Council decorations, shopfront windows, and even the inclusion of nativity-related lyrics in CHRISTmas carols in many shops and some public Christmas carol gatherings. Our nation has a rich Christian heritage which has gifted us many of our most treasured values, defining us more than most of us are aware. There is no reason for anyone to feel culturally threatened by the celebration of the Christ of CHRISTmas.

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The First Kiwi Christmas

An illustrated children’s book for ages 4-7

It’s nearly Christmas time and a boat is riding the waves towards the top of New Zealand. On board are Māori, Europeans, excitable horses and impatient cows. Step back into the early 1800s and find out how the first Christmas was celebrated in Aotearoa New Zealand.

An ideal gift for Christmas.

So what can you do?

Our invitation is that you be intentional about using nativity-based CHRISTmas themes in your areas of influence – as opposed to Santa, elves or jingle bells. This can be done in a number of simple ways:


  • Order giant nativity displays and light displays for your home and lawn. We suggest US outlets Outdoor Nativity Displays and Catholic Supply St Louis.
  • Include carols and nativity-themed tunes on your playlists.
  • Post nativity-themed imagery and videos on your social media.
  • Follow a nativity-themed advent calendar app or bible plan on your phone – and don’t forget to share your activities on social media.
  • Design & create your own wooden nativity puzzle using a scroll saw. An easy-to-follow example is found at Reality Daydream. These also make for a great gifts.
  • Have some family fun with nativity-themed physical advent calendars such as the Advent Story 2019 and Storybook App available from @Home+Church.
  • Also for families and Sunday Schools, use a children’s bicultural Christmas activity sheet, available at Tupu Whakarangi/Maori Postal publication.
  • Buy, give and use nativity-themed Christmas cards and decorations. These are available from various retailers and Christian bookstores. See suggested links below.

Businesses and Churches

  • We encourage you to download (PDF or JPG) and print the poster below for your church noticeboard and A5 flyer for handouts as part of our united efforts.

  • Include carols with nativity-related lyrics on your playlists.
  • Sell nativity-based CHRISTmas items where this relates to your business.
  • Include nativity-based imagery and decorations in your displays and shop windows. We invite you to use our poster and decal designs which are freely downloadable below — we can resize for you if necessary.
  • Consider organising social year-end CHRISTmas celebrations, referencing the nativity story, and the cultural values and hope the Christ of CHRISTmas has brought to the world, to our own nation, and in our personal lives.
  • Churches and/or business can rally together to sponsor a nativity billboard!
    – We invite you to use the Hope Project’s design below. This can promote the Hope Project OR your own sponsors, and is also freely downloadable. Please contact us for resizing or logo changeouts.


Print quality Vector graphics for print Collateral. Click on image to download ZIP file – 4MB.

Portrait Retail poster or Counter Stand. Editable Print-Ready PDF & imagery. Click on image to download ZIP file – 107MB.

Digital graphics for websites, Emails, Powerpoint and video use. Click on image to download ZIP file – 9MB.

Pohutukawa beach background imagery for billboard signage. Click on size to download from Dropbox LARGE (4mtr) 86MB. SMALL (2mtr) 15MB

Printer ready Billboard with graphics for LARGE size up to 4m. Click on image to download PDF from Dropbox 340MB.

Combined churches in cities

Simply put, collaborate in the public square to remind your city of the Christ of CHRISTmas! We celebrate the church communities that already do this, and encourage others to do the same.

  • In New Plymouth, churches have combined previously to present CHRISTmas dramas and theatricals to thousands of school children.
  • In Cambridge (and other places), combined carol gathering and concerts are hosted.
  • In Tauranga, a ‘walk-through’ nativity is hosted by one of the Baptist Churches.
  • Also in Tauranga, a Hikoi is organised by the central churches from church to church.

What could you do to bring profile and community spirit to CHRISTmas?

Be respectful to all cultures, but also be ready to support one another should any be harassed for observing our cultural traditions. Our goal is not to provoke discord, but to share with our community the Hope that we profess. We suggest the following collaborative projects — our only limits are our courage and creativity.

  • Build a nativity-based float for the town CHRISTmas parade.
  • Consider united CHRISTmas events, such as carol gatherings, concerts, theatricals and church-to-church Hikoi’s.
  • Posters and billboards — downloadable on this page above. Please contact us for resizing or logo change-outs.
  • Value your opportunities to protect them. Collectively consider necessary ’profile’ involvements and who can do them, to ensure opportunities are well utilised and valued — because this will help to preserve them.
Hamilton Christmas Float 2016
Download Christmas Powerpoint.
A Manawatu Christmas Parade Float 2016

Video resources for your church or social media:

The New Zealand Church has the capacity to see Christ re-established in CHRISTmas in this nation – but only if we have a vision for this, and will work in unison toward it. Together we can!