2022 Annual Report
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2022 Booklet 8

2022 Booklet

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Hope Project – the big idea

The big idea is explained at AllTogether.co.nz/hopeproject.

The eighth effort in 2022 was an amazing success, with churches uniting across the nation to pray blessing on our nation, while delivering the booklets to letterboxes. Public media was positively received – in TV, web, social media and booklet formats.

The report to the left gives fuller details.

Easter 2022 – What was different?

The delivery: This was the third time the delivery was volunteer-based, with 90 cities and towns involved.

The booklet: We shortened the booklet from 29 pages to 16 pages – for an easier read. Conveniently, it turned out print  prices changed significantly. The shorter booklet cost the same to print.

2022 THEME: The booklet focused on the generic theme of  ‘hope beyond loss‘. This is relevant to most people. We therefore affirmed the Christian view that every person is precious in God’s eyes, and relayed stories related to hope found beyond the loss of family, through financial crisis – and from history regarding gross injustice and the loss of lands, in all cases where faith gave a person courage and an ability to get through their challenges in a remarkable way.

REQUEST:  Could you please help with the finances? 

> Our work is in innovation in outreach. Hope Project is one of seven areas we are innovating in – with successes in all areas. Contact us to find out more – or donate to support this one part of our work (Hope Project) at AllTogether.co.nz/donate.


General Promo Video – 60secs (as on Shine TV)

General Promo Video – 30secs (as on Shine TV)

Volunteer Delivery Promo Video – 75 secs


Church promo Powerpoint slides: Download here

A5 Flyer to print with bulletin: Setup as 2 per A4 ready to print from your colour photocopier Download here

A5 Flyer to print with bulletin – designed ‘with bleed’ for a commercial printer Download Here

A3 or A4 Poster for church notice boardDownload Here

2022 Delivery COVID-19 GUIDELINES 

Delivery plans will adjust in keeping with all Government guidelines associated with COVID-19. Under the traffic light system there are currently no restrictions on individuals delivering to letterboxes.

Please be aware of changes to any guidelines which could affect deliveries in your local area and follow those directives.

To be more fully informed – please note the following:

UNWELL / CLOSE CONTACT: If you are unwell or a close contact, please follow all Government directives on isolating at home, which would also mean you do not deliver to letterboxes at that time.

PERSONAL CONTACT UNDER ‘RED’ TRAFFIC LIGHT LEVEL: Under ‘Red’, deliveries are to be ‘Contactless’ – to a letterbox (not a person). We therefore cannot (a) deliver to people at their door under ‘Red’, like at a ‘No Circulars’ home. Also, (b) if you meet a householder in their driveway during ‘Red’, please attempt to place the booklet in their letterbox rather than giving it to them in person – while being polite. When we go back to ‘Orange’, under current guidelines booklets could again be given to someone in person.

MASKS – WHEN YOU DO AND DO NOT NEED THEM: Masks do not need to be worn while delivering to letterboxes. However, we request that all volunteers take a mask with them when delivering – in case of a conversational situation, being aware of both social distancing (2 metres where possible) and also the public perception of us. Please be willing to go ’the extra mile’ (Matthew 5:41) in following Government guidelines, so as to remain ‘beyond reproach’ (1 Timothy 3:2, 1 Timothy 5:7). 

GATHERINGS: While there are no gatherings planned by Hope Project, sometimes volunteers are gathered locally for a prayer and safety briefing. All gatherings organised by local churches or groups for the purpose of Hope Project deliveries must obviously do so within current Government guidelines.

The Shining Lights final decision on the scale of each Easter’s effort is made in November annually. This annually takes into account the level of risk involved – especially noting finances. The Board has felt to continue with all ‘Hope Project’ plans in 2022 in a ‘conservative’ manner, therefore not including TV with the Christmas effort, but including the increased risk of starting the proposed ‘Hope Project Family’ (soon to be rebranded) effort, with a ‘Phase 1 trial’ in Tauranga only, to create the systems and software needed before possible national release to cities and towns nationally in 2023. Every effort is undertaken with multiple outcomes in view.

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