2023 Annual Report
2023 Booklet 9

2023 Booklet

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Hope Project – the big idea

The big idea is explained at AllTogether.co.nz/hopeproject.

The 9th Hope Project was another great success with churches uniting across the nation to pray blessing on our nation, while delivering the booklets to letterboxes. Public media was positively received – in TV, web, social media and booklet formats.

The 2023 report above gives fuller details.

Easter 2023

A successful public media, social media and booklet delivery campaign

The delivery: The delivery was volunteer-based in about 100 cities and towns. The volunteer-delivery applies to all cities and towns of 5000 or more people, while being optional for places that are smaller than this. (A paid delivery covered the rest).

The 2023 booklet is titled ‘Hope For All – Goodness we can trust’: At an easy-to-read 16-page length, the 2023 booklet relays stories connected to questions about the goodness of God, noting we live in a world with so much suffering. On what basis do we believe God is good?

REQUEST:  Could you please help with the finances? 

> Our work is in innovation in outreach. Hope Project is one of seven areas we are innovating in – with successes in all areas. Contact us to find out more – or donate to support this one part of our work (Hope Project) at AllTogether.co.nz/donate.


General Promo Video – 30secs (as on Shine TV)

General Promo Video – 60secs (as on Shine TV)


  • Link to online Volunteer Sign-up and Auckland Maps HERE
  • QR Code to use on the church screen so people can sign up HERE
  • Printable Volunteer Sign-up Form HERE
  • Safety Briefing video or downloadable document and confirmation forms for Individuals and Groups HERE
  • Downloadable copy of the Volunteer Delivery Promo Video – 60 secs HERE


Church promo Powerpoint slides: Download here

A5 Flyer to print with bulletin: Setup as 2 per A4 ready to print from your colour photocopier Download here

A5 Flyer to print with bulletin – designed ‘with bleed’ for a commercial printer Download Here

A3 or A4 Poster for church notice boardDownload Here

All the Information you need is here

Will you help the Christian message be heard throughout New Zealand each Easter?