GO Movement

One day. One world. One message.

This webpage exists to connect you to the ‘GO Movement’

The GO Movement started as ‘Global Outreach Day’ in 2012.

  • It has been the largest outreach mobilisation effort in all of human history, every time it has happened since then.
  • It is a broad-reaching, internationally united effort – to see the body of Christ moving it’s people beyond talk about evangelism, to actually do something.

GO Day – A day for evangelism, timed for the last Saturday of May (timed for Pentecost).

GO Month – A month of focus for those desiring a longer focus-point.

GO Decade – The vision hundreds (and probably thousands) of ministries and denominations are united in globally.  

There is nothing small about this. It exceeds all expectation – now seeing tens of millions mobilised for GO Day at the very least, while measured responses to the gospel internationally in the same month are also counted in the tens of millions, as per reports from coordinators of activities who now exist in most nations on the planet.

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2023 GO Train South Pacific will be held on Saturday 29 April 2023. More details coming soon …

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People always say they will evangelize tomorrow. G.O.D. makes it ‘today’ (2 Corinthians 6:2). 

It is a simple effort that can have a significant effect.

Click this image to read the latest report celebrating the 2021 GO month of Prayer & Evangelism

The Shining Lights Trust played a facilitatory role for a few years, aiding awareness of this international united mobilisation effort amongst some in New Zealand, and in creating contacts for it in Australia and a few others Pacific nations. These roles are now all in the hands of others.