Children’s Resources

Resources for children

While we do not specialise in children’s resources, the below have come about ‘along the way’ and might be useful.


1. Chronicles of Paki – Sunday school resources to go with series 1 (5 stories)

Created by Scripture Union, this Sunday School resource is based off the first five stories in the ‘Chronicles of Paki’ children’s story series,  published by Big Book Publishing. The series narrates stories related to out many and various dynamics of our early bicultural history.


  • Introduction to the Children’s series, programme here
  • 1. Te Powhiri – the Welcome (an introductory story setting the scene) here
  • 2. Te Pahi the Adventurer programme here
  • 3. Ruatara and the New Beginning programme here
  • 4. Patuone the Peacemaker programme here
  • 5. Elizabeth Colenso the Teacher programme here


  • You can purchase the  ‘Chronicles of Paki’ – Series #1 (ages 8+)
    • Via the Shining Lights Trust’s ‘AllTogether’ website – here.
    • Or from Big Book Publishing – here.
  • Or – for the ‘Junior Series’ (ages 4 to 7) of the same – from Big Book Publishing –  here.

2. Short gospel videos – suiting children’s talks or Sunday schools

Created by Sarah Perkins in the SLT office, these are creative and simple video re-creations of five short booklets written by Dave.

  • What Christians believe about Easter – here
  • What Christians believe about Christmas – here
  • Why Me? (What Christians believe about suffering)…coming soon
  • Why God favours people who’ve hit rock bottom…coming soon
  • What Christians believe about the purpose of life…coming soon