Faith Q&A Collection

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Welcome to the Faith Q&A video collection. This series provides a helpful look into the Christian faith including answers to common questions, stories of faith, the core Christian message and some of the basic teachings of Jesus.

Questions about the Bible

Can the Bible be trusted? Answer

Could parts of the story of Jesus have been made up by the disciples before writing the Gospels? Answer

Do ancient Biblical prophecies prove Jesus is the Messiah? Answer

What about the small differences between the Gospels? Answer

What about the Gnostic Gospels? Answer

What non-Christian sources point toward the reliability of the Gospels? Answer

Who wrote the Bible – God or people? Answer

Could the Bible accounts be just myths? Answer

Why will some people never trust the Bible, irrespective of evidence? Answer

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Various Questions

Why do so many people believe in a God? Answer

Is Christianity for people who don’t believe in science? Answer

Is there such a thing as right and wrong? Answer

Did Jesus really live – or is it a legend? Answer

Did Jesus claim to be Divine? Answer

What good has Christianity done the world? Answer

The resurrection – fact or fable? Answer

Is being a good person good enough? Answer

How can God be good, all-powerful and all-knowing and also allow suffering? Answer

Why does God allow suffering? Answer

How could a loving God send people to hell? Answer

Is there really such a thing as ‘truth’? Answer

Is believing you are right intolerant? Answer

Could all roads lead to God? Answer

Is it enough to just be sincere? Answer

How is Christianity different from other religions? Answer

Isn’t religion responsible for wars and the Crusades? Answer

What about abuses of authority in some churches? Answer

Why are there so many different denominations in our country? Answer