Hope Project — Resources

Here you’ll find all the resources you need to engage and partner with Hope Project 2021.

By February 2021 this page will be updated with all Church marketing material including the 2021 promo video, powerpoint and volunteer sign up form to print — and more.


Let’s continue to make a difference together.

2021 THEME: The wider 2021 theme will be the history behind our cultural views on the freedom of speech and religion — which are rooted in our cultural ideas about human rights — which are based entirely on the  Christian suggestion that human life is valuable. (Without ‘God’ there is no basis for saying human life is special — as compared to any other life. This is clearly reflected in the way people’s rights are so significantly trampled upon in such societies in all eras of history, and globally. Our materials will however focus on the positive affirmation of our own culture, which is arguably the most free in all of human history).

2021 Hope for all booklet – Titled ‘NOW MADE FREE’ click on image to read, or download HERE

2021 Booklet 7


Volunteer delivery promo video – 90secs on youtube here or download here

  • Volunteer delivery sign up form (to print) here
  • Safety briefing form here, or 3min briefing video with email to reply here
  • ‘General’ Hope Project Easter promo vids (as on Shine TV)30secs and 1min

Church promo Powerpoint slides: Coming shortly – Download here

A5 Flyer to print with bulletin: Setup as 2 per A4 ready to print from your colour photocopier Download here

A5 Flyer to print with bulletin – designed ‘with bleed’ for a commercial printer Download Here

A3 or A4 Poster for church notice boardPDF download or Jpeg Download

PUBLIC MEDIA LINKS (2020 version)

  • Easter TV ad – 30sec spoken word with Jade here
  • Easter TV ad – 15sec spoken word with Jade here
  • Easter 2020 booklet TV ad – 15sec with Dave here
  • ‘Conversational’ website about hope: HopeProject.co.nz
  • Discipleship website and app: 10DayChallenge.co.nz / Search ‘Why Jesus?’ at the app store.


  • The origins of our national values re healthcare for all (2020 booklet) here
  • The origins of our national values re charity (2019 booklet)  here
  • The origins of our national values re ‘equality of genders (2019 booklet) here
  • The origins of our national values re slavery (2018 booklet) here
  • The origins of our national values re education for all (2018 booklet)  here


  • Posters for non-church audiences for 10 Day Challenge here
  • Hope Project here
  • 10 Day Challenge business cards here

Will you help the Christian message be heard throughout New Zealand each Easter?