The Christian foundations of our Democratic freedom

The Christian foundations of our Democratic freedom

Why intelligence, faith and law are the bedrock of equality, prosperity and freedom.


** For the full message – see then last video. Otherwise, here’s the same content, question by question.

What is a Democracy? (0.58mins)

Understanding this starting point is essential – because this stands in contrast to the Governments not only of most nations throughout history – but also most nations on planet earth today!

What does the Bible say about God’s ideal for Government on earth? (7.40mins)

Many are unaware that God gave a template for Democracy in the Old Testament. Here are 13 points about God’s original plan for Israels Government!

Can you imagine a bureaucracy-free and tax-free welfare system? (1.59mins)

Repeating a short clip from the previous video – this video answers this question!

Where do our cultural ideas about human rights come from? (4.22mins)

Contrary to what many think, Human Rights are only real if God is real. Without God, they are arbitrary. And our definitions of human rights have a specific origin many haven’t recognised too.

How did these great democratic freedoms become ours? (4.57mins)

Hear a summary of what it took across a 2000 year period of time to deliver us the freedoms we have today!

Is this a ‘Christian’ nation? (1.36mins)

Repeating a short clip from the previous video – this video speaks to this question.

How are a nation’s freedoms typically lost in history? (7.12mins)

Tragically, freedoms have been lost many times. Communism alone established itself in an additional 45 ‘satellite’ nations during the Cold War. There is pattern to this – and 2500 years of history to the thinking behind how you can work to take control of a people, to rule them. It’s sobering, but important, information!

The challenging ethics of socialism (1.14mins)

From a Christian standpoint, humans were created special and have rights. Despite the claims of some to ‘work for equality for all’, the challenges is, ‘you can have your cake and also eat it’.

Why Plato rejected Democracy (and Capitalism) as a bad idea (3.09mins)

Plato lived before Jesus – and saw no hope for Democracy. We need to understand why because, while Jesus definitely changed things, on what basis do we expect the views of people who are rejecting the idea of God and faith in Jesus to be any different to Plato?

How are we to make sense of ‘left vs right’ today? (7.47mins)

This video is the all-important conclusion – bringing together all that is discussed prior.

Making sense of our Democracy (THE FULL MESSAGE)

The full 38min message -which nearly all the above clips were extracted from. This message deliberately covered a range of areas in an  attempt to shed some ‘big-picture’ light on the topic.