2019 Hope project promo

Partnership requested from Kiwi Churches

The Hope Project is seeking to put Christ back into Easter and Christmas in 2019. This is another step toward our stated vision to see the Kiwi Church represented annually through THREE media efforts that give necessary profile to Christ and the service that his people are offering all the people of our nation:

(i) Hope Project Easter – putting  Christ back into Easter from 2018 onwards

(ii) Hope Project Christmas – putting  Christ back into Christmas from 2019 onwards (TV and web media effort + multi-faceted approach involving churches, combined churches individuals and business people)

(iii) Hope Project Family – highlighting what Kiwi churches are doing for families from 2020 onwards.

This kind of national voice can only exist if the Kiwi Church will unite in the view that it is needed. Your partnership is requested.

Why three media efforts?

A conversation is in process in our natoin about the place of Christianity within our nation. We are legitimately a ‘Christian’ nation – if that is measured by our history and values. however, Kiwis are currently denied access to the history that validates this, and are thus unaware. Christianity is being removed from the public square. If we do not engage the public conversation in the manner with which it is taking place, this will trend continue.

Together, this is very achievable.

How to partner?

As individuals, subscribe for prayer updates at the bottom of the homepage. As churches, subscribe for the pastors updates at the bottom of the homepage – and we will then consider you a ‘partnering’ churches, and add your church to the ‘find a church’ map at 10DayChallenge.co.nz.  (There is no ‘subscription’ fee, and donations always remain voluntary).

Dave Mann (Director – Shining Lights Trust)

The focus of Hope Project Easter efforts 2018-2022

A WIDER THEME: Where the 2014-2016 projects told of the invited arrival and spread of the Christian faith within New Zealand, the next few projects will tell stories that reveal how the Christian faith gave us many of our most treasured values as a nation.

A CHRISTIAN PROMOTION:  Each effort will continue to also communicate an aspect of Christian belief, thinking and hope that are relevant to the stories, as well as the core Christian message of God’s love shown through Christ.

Help to make a difference by donating now

RECEPTIVITY: New Zealanders have warmed to these projects. You will find a recent report in the right-hand column of this webpage.


  • TV ads on public TV channels
  • Booklets to 85% of NZ homes
  • 200,000+ additional booklets for church use during this year (for free)
  • 2 primary equipping resources to equip members in ‘partnering’ churches. (1) Equipping videos on conversational skills here, and (2) 4-week sermon series about the mission of the Church (message outlines + small group guides) found here.


A vital part of each Hope Project campaign provides high-quality, multi-page booklets to every New Zealand household. Having done this four time to date, you can view a draft copy of booklet 5 here.

Your help is requested

Working all together the Kiwi Church can have this voice! 

The 2019 budget is as follows

  • Hope Project (Easter) – $600,000
  • ‘Hope Project – Christmas’  – $200,000
  • All fundraising is done in the lead-up to Easter
  • If insufficient is raised for Christmas, we forgo that public presence in that year.
  • 2020: We hope to add ‘Hope Project – family’ – with a total budget of $1m.
  • Too much? Kiwi churches donate approx $170,000,000 per year just for the privilege of having pastors (without considering administrators, youth workers or other roles). The amounts are a question of value.
  • Please see the Hope Project 2018 Report for more details.

Donate via the ‘donate’ page HERE

For more information contact admin@shininglights.co.nz

2019 Church marketing material below.



  • Easter 2018 and 2019 TV ad – 15sec spoken word with Jade here
  • Easter 2018 and 2019 TV ad – 30sec spoken word with Jade here
  • Easter 2018 TV ad – 15sec booklet ad with Dave here
  • ‘Conversational’ website about hope: HopeProject.co.nz
  • Discipleship website and app: 10DayChallenge.co.nz / Search ‘Why Jesus?’ at the app store.

Will you help the Christian message be heard throughout New Zealand each Easter?

Please participate financially