The Hope Project 2018 – and beyond

Many have noticed that public media becoming increasingly silent about the true meanings behind Christmas and Easter. Awareness is increasing that our nation’s churches may need to somehow work together to create this visible presence for the Christian faith themselves.

In response we are proposing that the Hope Project happen annually as a simple, known and already-tested solution that could return this presence to the Easter period.


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2018 Hope Project Promo

The focus of the Hope Project 2018

A WIDER THEME: Where the 2014-2016 projects told of the invited arrival and spread of the Christian faith within New Zealand, the next few projects will tell stories that reveal how the Christian faith gave us many of our most treasured values as a nation.

A GOSPEL FOCUS:  Each effort will continue to also communicate an aspect of Christian belief or thinking that is relevant to the stories, as well as the core Christian message of God’s love shown through Christ.

RECEPTIVITY: As an example, the third effort (2016) received less than 20 complaints throughout all of NZ – and most of those were from people who incorrectly received booklets in their ‘no circulars’ letter boxes. Most found were appreciative of the uplifting focus of this multi-media effort, which tells stories from both our past and present, while gently affirming the hope of the central Christian message.

EXACTLY WHAT? Assuming sufficient support is there, the project will involve TV, web and print media, along with 200,000 spare booklets for church use during that year.


A vital part of each Hope Project campaign provides high-quality, multi-page booklets to every New Zealand household. Having done this three time to date, here you can view a draft copy of BOOKLET-4

Your help is requested

While our individual churches cannot achieve something of this scale — we can together.

Costs are estimated at $660,000. This equates to

  • 660 partnering churches giving $1000
  • 1100 people giving $12 per week ($600 per year).

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2018 Donate-Pledge

During 2017 we will add to this page


  • 2018 promo video on YouTube here or download here (230mb file)
  • Posters for churches and public noticeboard use here
  • Self-print flyer (2 on page) for church use here
  • Funding updates – see donate page here



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Will you help the Christian message be heard throughout New Zealand each Easter?

To do this we need 1100 people or churches to give $12 per week ($600 per year)