2021 Annual Report Available HERE
2021 Booklet 7

Easter 2021

The delivery: 2021 was the second year that the delivery had been volunteer-based in the largest 80 cities and towns.

2021 THEME: The wider 2021 theme was about the history behind our cultural views on the freedom of speech and religion — which are rooted in our cultural ideas about human rights — which are based entirely on the  Christian suggestion that human life is valuable. (Without ‘God’ there is no basis for saying human life is special — as compared to any other life. This is clearly reflected in the way people’s rights are so significantly trampled upon in such societies in all eras of history, and globally. Our materials however focus on the positive affirmation of our own culture, which is arguably the most free in all of human history).

‘NOW MADE FREE’ click on image to read, or download HERE

Hope Project – the big idea

The Hope Project is seeking to bring an awareness of Christ back to the public square. Our strategic suggestion is THREE annual media efforts. Public perspectives affect the tone of EVERY conversation the Christian community engages in this nation. The value of engaging with those perspectives cannot be underestimated.

(i) Hope Project Easter – putting Christ back into Easter  (started 2014)

(ii) Hope Project Christmas – putting Christ back into Christmas (started without funds 2019)

(iii) Hope Project Family – highlighting what Kiwi churches are doing for families (date of first effort yet to be determined).

REQUEST:  Could you please help with the finances? 

> Our work is in innovation in outreach. Hope Project is one of seven areas we are innovating in – with successes in all areas. Contact us to find out more – or donate to support this one part of our work (Hope Project) at AllTogether.co.nz/donate.


Delivery plans were adjusted in keeping with all Government guidelines associated with COVID-19.

National mail deliveries are still completed whilst complying to Government restrictions throughout all levels however as this is a volunteer based delivery, adjustments are required.

  • Under restrictions for both Level 1 and Level 2 – volunteers are ABLE to deliver booklets as planned.
  • For Levels 3 and higher – volunteers are NOT to deliver booklets. 

We trust our wonderful volunteers to adhere to these directives and Government guidelines.

The Shining Lights final decision on the scale of each Easter’s effort is made in November annually. This annually takes into account the level of risk involved. The current financial  downturn will be a factor. However, we have people with faith for these things on our team also, and have never undertaken a risk we could not somehow underwrite.

2021 Resources

Church promo Powerpoint slides: Download here

A5 Flyer to print with bulletin: Setup as 2 per A4 ready to print from your colour photocopier Download here

A5 Flyer to print with bulletin – designed ‘with bleed’ for a commercial printer Download Here

A3 or A4 Poster for church notice boardPDF download or Jpeg Download

All the Information you need is here

Will you help the Christian message be heard throughout New Zealand each Easter?

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