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Mission Partners

Will you or your church ‘believe again for NZ’ and become Mission Partners with us, to continue to see NZ churches equipped and hearing the sound of new people in their seats, while many more are helped understand the Christian message and origins of our Western values?

Option 1: Will your church, missions board, or you become a Mission Partner via a monthly donation?

Option 2: Would you like to give a one-off gift to our NZ Mission?

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Hope Project 2018

Support a national gospel effort at Easter

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With public media no longer giving a voice to Jesus at times like Christmas and Easter — despite us being a decidedly Christian nation in terms of our heritage, will you help the name and presence of Jesus be heard at Easter again?

Following the success of the 2014 — 2016 efforts, it is proposed that the Hope Project be done every Easter.

  • The cost: It requires 1000 people or churches to give $600pa ($12pw) to see this happen.
  • The deadline: We nee $400,000 by 1st October to confirm a project for the following Easter (otherwise it is delayed year).
  • Booklet-4 draft: A vital part of each Hope Project campaign provides high-quality, multi-page booklets to every New Zealand household. Having done this three time to date, here you can view a draft copy of BOOKLET-4.

Will you or your church support the Hope Project for 2018, so Jesus’ presence can be felt nationally at Easter — and His message heard?

Ways to Donate

By Credit Card

By selecting Donate by Credit Card option, you will be directed to a secure BNZ payment portal.

After donating, if you would like a donation tax-receipt, please email to confirm your contact details, and the purpose of your donation.

By Cheque

ToShining Lights Trust’ at PO Box 6078, Brookfield, Tauranga 3146

Please include your name and postal address/email address for receipt purposes.

Internet banking

1. Hope Project: 02-0466-0307987-001

  • Reference with ‘donation’ and your name
  • Email to confirm your contact details (so you get a donation tax-receipt), and the purpose of your donation.

2. Mission Partners: Shining Lights Trust: 02-0466-0307987-000

  • Reference with ‘donation’ and your name
  • Email to confirm your contact details (so you get a donation tax-receipt), and the purpose of your donation.

For international internet banking:

  • Bank of New Zealand
  • 607- 613 Cameron Road, Tauranga 3112

Watch how God uses the printed booklets  >>

2018 Easter Booklet

We are a registered New Zealand charity so all your donations will be tax deductible. At the end of the financial year we will send you a receipt.

Our Charitable Status and Financial Terms
Our Charitable Status is operated by The Shining Lights Trust, a New Zealand registered Charitable Trust. Registration # CC48320. The Trust operates in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. Our Postal address is: PO Box 6078, Brookfield Tauranga 3146.

The Shining Lights Trust website can be viewed at

Our Financial Policies and Terms

All payments made whether by cheque, Internet banking or Credit Card will be charged in New Zealand Dollars. We do not offer refunds on financial donations.

The AllTogether website uses the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) industry standard, the highest level of security available today for web-secured applications.

When will I get my donation receipt?

Donations over $5 can receive tax-deductible receipts. These receipts will be sent at the end of the financial year. Note that receipts can only be given where we can identify donations and have been given the donors name and  contact details.

Will accounts be audited?

Yes. Accounts will be independently audited, annually.

What if insufficient funds are raised?

Policies for various possible scenarios are created by the board where needed. This was demonstrated in the Hope Project in the 2011 to 2016 period, with policies providing clear guidelines, giving clear confidence to partners.

As a general principle, the heart of the Shining Lights Trust team and board would be to ensure that all invoices were paid – even if this meant personally paying them.

We believe our track-record demonstrates a combination of integrity, along with an ability to adapt to challenging circumstances, with successful outcomes.

What if too much funds were somehow raised?

They would be spent on other projects fitting the goals and values of the project toward which they were given.