New Zealand History messages

This page contains some key NZ history messages from Dave, and guests at Engage Conferences or on other Shining Lights Trust platforms.


  1. A bicultural history
  2. A values history (where our remarkable values came from).

We are one of the most free, prosperous and equality-based societies on planet earth today, and in human history. Why?

Find important messages on these histories below.

[Re bicultural history]

Our Kiwi Heritage

Click HERE for this very interesting series focuses on our early New Zealand bicultural heritage and explore our early roots as a nation. There is a deliberate focus on our nation’s remarkably positive bicultural beginnings – along with all the mistakes made in the process, because this part of our nation’s history is little-known and often misrepresented.

[Re bicultural and values history]

A Minute In History

Click HERE to listen to this audio series that illustrates what made us, us. Who are we as kiwis? We have a definite set of values – but where did they come from? We also enjoy many freedoms and privileges that far-exceed those of most countries and cultures. Why do we have it so good? The fact is, our history tells us a lot about who we are. The values we hold today came from our forefathers.

[Re bicultural history]

Then and Now

Click HERE to see a series of five booklets which look at ‘The New Zealand Story – Then and Now’

This explores our early Gospel history and equipping teachings for evangelism.

[Re bicultural and values history]

Suiting use in a Sunday church service on Waitangi weekend, Dave here concisely explains what Waitangi weekend is about, what Te Tiriti o Waitangi says, and why this is significant for Christian believers here not only because they are New Zealanders, but because of their faith.


(If YouTube doesn’t work for you – download this short video here)

Te Tiriti o Waitangi – a 35min ‘overview’ talk by Dave Mann 

[Re bicultural and values history]

In this 35min talk for students, Dave gives and overview of our Treaty story from Cook through to the Waitangi Tribunal – in a video created for younger students (in view of Covid, when the usual face-to-face dialogue wasn’t possible).
This deliberately introduces a variety of players in this history (Māori, Whalers, Sealers, Traders, Missionaries, Settlers, Colonial office), and an appreciation of their motives – so students gain a context into which they can place the various stories or details they look at in the classroom. However, as a summary talk that is in easy-to-digest story form, this could be useful with High School students and also adults in educational settings. Dave Mann is the producer of the ‘Chronicles of Paki’ illustrated NZ history series, as found at

The importance of history to the future of the NZ mission — with Dave

[Re bicultural and values history]

It is said that, ‘Those who tell the history write the future.’ Many in our churches know very little about our own nation’s history, and in particular how profoundly significant the Christian faith has been within it. This message suggests that re-learning the stories of this history is more important to our future than many yet realise.

The importance of history to the future of the NZ mission
— with Dave (audio message)

[Re bicultural and values history]

This is the same message as just above – but as an audio, and to a congregation rather than as a conference message.

Colonisation, Christianity and the Treaty

Three Part Series created by Rhema Media

Episode 1 – A Colonialist Agenda?

Was missionary activity in 1800s New Zealand an intentional bridgehead for colonisation? Andrew Urquhart speaks to leading historians who unpack evidence to the contrary – that missionaries were actively trying to protect Māori sovereignty and culture.

Episode 2 – False Conversions?

Were the historic rates of Māori baptisms genuine conversions? Or was Christianity a cultural Trojan Horse as secular narratives claim? Andrew Urquhart chats to historians and descendants of those converts, discovering that the Gospel message truly did transform tribes across the nation.

Episode 3 – Treaty Trickery?

Was the Treaty of Waitangi mistranslated to trick Māori into signing away their rights? Andrew Urquhart investigates that popular theory, and discovers evidence that actually, both the Māori and English texts are compatible, and still hold the promise of reconciliation and harmony.

Te Tiriti o Waitangi – and implications for today
— with Dave

[Re bicultural history]

A presentation by Dave from a Thinking Matters conference in 2019, related to the story of Te Tiriti, followed by some strategic reflections on current trends and where this might be heading – with awareness of implications for the Church as a whole in Aotearoa-New Zealand.

The Treaty of Waitangi today — with Dave (audio message)

[Re bicultural history]

This is the same message as just above – but as an audio, and spoken in a different context. A stirring 45 minute presentation on the little-known background to Te Tiriti o Waitangi, concluding with a challenging strategic forecasts from Dave on where biculturalism is going in New Zealand, and possible implications of this for the Kiwi Church.

To give context to the purpose behind all the NZ History Messages — with Dave

[Re bicultural history]

While this is an earlier video from the bicultural journey of the NZ Church (early 2014, prior to the first Hope Project media effort), it gives a clear and concise explanation regarding why the bicultural narrative is important to the NZ Church, while also addressing some of the key misunderstandings (or unfair ‘accusations’) leveraged against the Christian faith in this early history.

Te Tiriti o Waitangi – a document to be proud of
— with Jay Ruka

[Re bicultural history]

An excellent presentation, that imparts an understanding of Te Tiriti o Waitangi (the Treaty of Waitangi), it’s remarkably Christian context, and the implications of this for us today.

Ngati Ruanui Martyrs – with Dr Stuart Lange

[Re bicultural history]

Historian Dr Stuart Lange shares the story of the Ngati Ruanui martyrs and reflects on lessons we can learn from their incredible story.

Stuart completed his PhD from the University of Otago, through a study on the history of twentieth-century evangelical Christianity in New Zealand. He also holds an MA with first class honours in History from Auckland University and a BD from the Melbourne College of Divinity. Stuart’s major book (A Rising Tide: Evangelical Christianity in New Zealand, 1930-1965) was published by Otago University Press in 2013.

To the Ends of the Earth — with Dr Stuart Lange

[Re bicultural history]

A main session strategic presentation made at Engage Conference 2017 in Auckland, NZ with Dr Stuart Lange. Stuart tells stories related to the remarkable Maori mission, which included at its peak about 200 self-motivated Maori evangelists, taking a message of hope to their own people.

The New Zealand Story – Then and Now

Each of the five booklets from this series, ‘Then and Now‘ have content of wide interest and are good value regarding our early Gospel history and equipping teachings for evangelism. Read and share these links online or print and give out as a weekly bulletin so that your members are informed and encouraged.

Two printing options available for each.

  • Non-formatted version: print using the ‘booklet’ feature on a duplex photocopier (paginate, collate. fold).
  • Print-ready version: print double sided, short-edge flip, actual size (not reduced), colour/B&W.

The series starts by looking at the story of the Gospel arriving in NZ and the benefits of a conversational approach to evangelism.

The second booklet looks at the Maori response to the Gospel and the power of story-telling.

In booklet 3 we read about a remarkable early NZ mission vision and life-changing invitations.

The series goes on to cover the story of the spread of the Gospel by Maori and also teaches about understanding courage and discouragement.

This booklet completes the series by sharing about NZ Christian heroes and the need for disciples, not converts.

Chronicles of Paki

New Zealand’s Untold Stories

A series with no comparison, the Chronicles of Paki — NZ’s Untold Story, takes New Zealand back in time 200 years. Each story has been checked by known historians and the relevant Iwi. Learn about the relationship forged between two incredibly different cultures — European and Māori. Available to purchase HERE.

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