Watch these conversations which bring fresh insight into churches working together.

Q&A with Ian Shelton

How could we best connect the ‘prayer unity’ and the ‘city-engagement unity’ networks? (4:52min)

Q&A with Ian Shelton

Denominations get staff but city unity doesn’t. Australia is changing in this. Why, and what are the pitfalls and benefits?  (5:04min)

Q&A with Roy Crowne

Why consider fun / ‘profile’ efforts? (Why not just help the poor?) (3:56min)

Q&A with Roy Crowne

What’s the relationship between the united Church in each place and denominations? (1:58min)

Q&A with Ian Shelton

Why is specifically ‘humility’ so important to unity? (2:52min)

Q&A with Ian Shelton

When time together is limited, how much should we support pastors’ emotional health as contrasted with actually getting some things done for our communities? (3:25min)

Q&A with Roy Crowne

How much do you see churches participating with united things? (1:19min)

Q&A with Ian Shelton

Why is working with local government so important for the united churches? (4:31min)

Q&A with Ian Shelton

Two things to finish please: A pastors’ group ’success story’ – and any encouragement you might have for pastors’ groups in NZ?

Q&A with Roy Crowne

What about the ‘secularisation’ of church ministries? (3:41min)

Churches United in Cities

Webinars from 2022

Full Messages

Ian Shelton (One Heart, Australia) is connected to pastors’ unity movements across the different Local Government Areas in Australia – giving him a great perspective on reaching communities.

5 key things from the last 10 years that took unity to a new level in Australia (Aug 2022)

Roy Crowne (HOPE Together, UK) is aware of and connected to unity movements across the UK – giving him a long-term and broad awareness of things churches have done together, and the effect that has upon/within communities.

Top 5 Things UK Churches Have Done That Made A Difference (June 2022)
Messages for the church down under from the UK (Feb 2022)

"While our churches already have a good working relationship there is always room for improvement, this input encouraged us, and my guess is that there may be more resource-sharing in the future as we work even more closely together"
Church Minister
"The guidelines on how churches could work together were practical and really useful: Do apart what you can do apart; 'We don’t have to’; What can we be doing better together? And also all the resources available for churches to equip the saints for the work of the ministry"
Local Church Pastor
"I was encouraged by Dave’s genuine interest in people...and his obvious passion for the health and advancement of the wider Kingdom of God"
Local Church Pastor
"The Shining Lights Trust team seem to have their finger on the pulse of the needs of the Christian Church across Aotearoa"
Church Minister
"I feel that as a minister's group we are already on a journey of trying to help each other and connect more with a combined force. This visit and input was a helpful encouragement, and it was a shame so few of us turned up"
Community Ministries Director
"Thank you. Dave is a key resource to the church in NZ"
Lead Pastor
"He brought great wisdom and sharing of resources from across the country, people and/or ministries that are worthwhile and making a positive difference for the Gospel"
Lead Pastor

Unity Vision Messages

(2021) Cultural change and what a united church can do

In this ‘bubble-popping’ message Dave talks about how and why our potential TOGETHER is still greater than we imagine – but also why uniformity won’t get us there. Hear 4 long-range goals we could unite in, with 15 applications – all of which are possible. But it’s a slightly different way of thinking and working together that is needed. If communication lines could exist, we could achieve much ‘in unison’ – without requiring uniformity, and this is already working in our nation!

(2020) Timely Conversations

In view of Covid-19, the planned national 2020 travel to connect with pastors’ groups was cancelled. This video was created to contribute to the timely conversations some of that travel was purposed for.
This video articulates vision in FOUR areas. This is about things we can do together NATIONALLY that we cannot do apart. Numerous criteria are considered in the journey toward suggestions like these.

(2019) Discussion Video

This 8min video covers (1) an illustration explaining EXACTLY why our functional unity is needed and (2) a concluding explanation on the kinds of ways we could yet engage with cultural thinking nationally.
Hope Project is concurrently promoted because (1) this video in a singular communication with many pastors in an entire year, and (2) we’re intentionally leveraging it for the purposes of (i) broad education on the substance of possible public engagements and (ii) to encourage intentionality in the equipping of members with skills for spiritual conversations.

(2018) What it means to have a mission

This message from 2018 is very empowering, and full of strategic insights for our nation. Regarding unity, it discusses the fourth piston [unity] at 28.25mins – as one of four areas for united application in service to our mission nationally, with a strategic view.
Our request to all city and town pastors’ group is that they unite in the following 4 goals annually.

When we all think differently we will all act differently.
The results could be greater than we ever expected!