Dunedin churches – working together in 2021

We’re so excited to have you on board to get this message of HOPE to every neighbourhood.

Please view the map below and tell us what you can do.

(TWO areas equals one walk for one person).

  • Dunedin has 24,108 eligible letterboxes (excluding ‘no-circulars’)

  • The city is divided into 152 delivery routes averaging 141 homes each (Hence two areas equals one walk)

 – To Volunteer – 

1. Click the map on the right

2. Take note of an unticked delivery route number(s) you would like to cover

3. Complete ‘Volunteer for Dunedin form

4. We’ll contact you with detailed maps and collection info


Delivery plans will adjust in keeping with all Government guidelines associated with COVID-19.

  • Under restrictions for both Level 1 and Level 2 – volunteers are ABLE to deliver booklets as planned.
  • For Levels 3 and higher – volunteers are NOT to deliver booklets. 

We trust our wonderful volunteers to adhere to these directives and Government guidelines.

Note for Church Leaders:

Stories from churches in 2020 confirmed that, if a sign up form was handed along the rows of a church during the promotion for volunteers, about 3 to 6 times as many people would volunteers as compared with simply asking people to sign up in the foyer afterwards.