Dunedin churches — working together

Could you please prayer-walk the streets near your church premises or home while delivering the ‘Hope for all’ booklets to letterboxes?

Dunedin has about 27, 000 eligible letterboxes (excluding ‘no-circulars’)


Find your local area and use this opportunity to pray and deliver to your local or nearby areas to see the gospel in homes this year.

  • The city is divided into 152 delivery routes
  • Each delivery route therefore averages 180 homes each (one walk for one person)
  • To complete Dunedin together we need
    • 15+ churches in different areas, with 10 volunteers each
    • (or 15 churches with 2 people who will  go for 5 daily walks).

This unites you with churches right across New Zealand — who are doing the same together in all other cities and towns of 5000 or more people.

Sign Up Here

1. Click the ‘Purple’ Zone number you’d like to deliver
2. After selecting the purple circle, a link will show – click it then complete the volunteer form
3. You’ll receive an email with where to collect the booklets & maps

NOTE: To select multiple zones you only have to complete ONE form. List all the zone numbers you want on the same form.

Email admin@shininglights.co.nz with any questions.

More Info 

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  • Hope Project Safety Information click here
  • Hope Project Resources click here
  • Free conversational outreach equipping resources — Find sermon outlines with discussion guides here and concise outreach-equipping videos here

Note for Church Leaders – to find volunteers:

Stories from churches from previous deliveries confirmed that, if a sign up form was handed along the rows of a church during the promotion for volunteers, 3 to 6 times as many people would volunteer as compared with asking people to sign up in the foyer afterward.