NEXT CONFERENCE: Date pending. No conference is currently confirmed.


Totally unique — Engage conferences brings you another range home-grown outreach practitioners, innovating in a wide range of areas including city, national, personal outreach, community ministry, youth, children, immigrant, and more.


Get a revelation on our nation— Specific sessions will also impart fresh perspective on culture and strategy for engagement at different levels of society.


Strategic networking — Prior to the conference there two exclusive meetings.


  • Leaders of outreach organisations in our nation are typically invited to meet 3pm on the Thursday just prior to a national conference to network. (Logos of some previous conference partners can be seen below).
  • Convenors of city and town pastors’s groups throughout the nation are typically invited to gather from 8am on the Friday to strategic discussion related to leading, serving and outraging at the city level also. .


Registrations: Promotion and registration will typically begin 6 months prior to a conference.

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