Engage Conferences 2021

A conference purposed to share some considerably timely content and perspectives related to ‘unity and outreach’ in our nation. Topics are selected with a view to trends in outreach and culture nationally — to help God’s people to engage wisely, and well.


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2021 Speakers

The two speakers are Dave Mann and Kristen Williams. Dave will anchor each conference — bringing motivational and strategic perspective related to our national unity for outreach. If local youth ministries commit together to participate, Kristen will then join to share the speaking, a Friday evening will be added to the programme — and also some  ‘youth tracks’ to connect youth and youth leaders to outreaching wisdom he has gathered across 30 years of ministry.

Dave Mann
Director — Shining Lights Trust

Dave brings motivational and strategic perspective related to our national unity for outreach.

Kristen Williams
Pastor — Hope Church Tauranga

Connecting youth and youth leaders to outreaching wisdom gathered across 30 years of ministry.

Conference locations

You are invited to the Engage Conference nearest to you!



NOTE Covid-19 Levels:

Under Level 1: Conferences & Meetings will go ahead without restrictions.

Under Level 2 Restrictions: The conferences & meetings will be held safely adhering to Covid-19 guidelines and attendee limitations (see individual event flyers for more details)

Under Level 3 or higher: Conferences will not go ahead.

Strategic forward-looking messages 

  • Church unity, cultural change and the gospel (the suggested topic for combined church Sunday evening services if the timing suits a provinces plans for these – otherwise to start a conference)
  • Conversational skills and the gospel (including Jesus’ conversational skills for hostile environments. A very important are of skill-development in God’s Church nationally at this time)
  • Church small groups and the gospel (because small groups have the same mission as local congregations, all Christian individuals – and all of us together as God’s Church. But how could we get this working for ourselves?)
  • Youth ministries, unity and the gospel (a needed priority area)
  • Biculturalism and the gospel (a God-honouring dynamic that also has relevance to our mission)
  • The importance of our values history to the gospel (Those who tell the history write the future. As God’s Church in this nation, we’ve been negligent in this area for too long. Hear how we could change)
  • Democracy and the gospel (Our systems of Government have come from our faith more than many realise. If we don’t understand this history and then engage public conversations with this awareness, history shows we can lose what we’ve got. I’d present a Biblical and historic view on democratic government – to give church members and youth ‘lenses’ through which to understand what we have, and how we could therefore engage)
  • Separate topics for church leaders are possible (The above is to intrigue, inform and inspire all believers for their mission) .


Pastors’ group meetings and youth leader gatherings in each place:

  • These happen prior to conferences – in about 50 cities and towns (though youth leader gathering are not as common)
  • See more at AllTogether.co.nz/UnityTour

Registrations: At the door

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