NEXT CONFERENCE: 2pm Friday 25 – 6pm Saturday 26 September, 2020


Totally unique — Engage 2020 will bring you another range of 20 or more outreach practitioners from a wide variety of applications: City, national, personal outreach, community ministry, youth, children, immigrant, and more.


Get a revelation on our nation— Specific sessions will also impart revelatory perspective on culture and strategy for engagement at different levels of society.


Strategic networking — Prior to the conference there two exclusive meetings.


  • Leaders of outreach organisations in our nation are invited to meet 3pm on the Thursday. (Some of the conferences previous partners logos can be seen below.


  • Convenors of city and town pastors’s groups throughout the nation are invited to meet from 8am on the Friday. This gathering discusses strategies by which the Church (nationally, and within cities/towns) could best exert a positive and hope-filled influence in our nation. The Church (nationally) is no longer in the majority. The ongoing discussion the Shining Lights Trust (Hope Project ) team are intentionally seeking to facilitate is therefore how we could become more effective ‘organised minority.’


The 2020 plan for these prior meetings will be released early in 2020.


Registrations: Will open early in 2020.

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