How to pastor your city – not just your church 

A meeting for pastors and ministers’ group facilitators to encourage and inspire fresh vision and thinking. Run by the Shining Lights Trust.

An invitation from Dave Mann

Dear Pastor.
In continuation of conversations taking place on a few platforms recently, the below gathering for pastors and pastors’-group facilitators is taking place to encourage and inspire fresh vision and thinking.
Our unity is about more than prayer or pleasing Jesus. It is necessarily about achieving a function.
Somehow, the priority and value of city leadership needs to increase within the perspectives of local church leaders, so that the Church can have a clearer city and national voice. Only then will we be positioned to engage in the public conversations that are taking place, out of which the continuing secularisation of our nation is flowing. More than being a ‘mere ideal’, I believe a national change in perspective is both needed and possible!
Come to hear more!
Dave Mann – Director, Shining Lights Trust

Friday 21st September. 2018

8am Welcome and breakfast

MC: Dave Mann

8.30am Introduction: The need for a united city and national voice – Dave Mann

9am The potential of a united prayer movement – Colin Shaw (City by City)

10am  The DNA of a Ministers’ Group that brings change to the city – Ps David Dishroon (Changepoint Church, Tauranga)

11am Morning tea

11.30am  Story telling and panel discussion: 

The story telling and interactive panel discussion, including from around NZ told by Dave Mann, Colin Shaw, David Dishroon and other invited guests.

12.30pm Lunch

The cost of this pre-conference morning is $50 – including breakfast and lunch, and is only for pastors/the key church leaders of local churches, or for city/town ministers’ group conveners.

To register add $50 to your online paymentand tell us this is for the ‘pastors only morning’ in the ‘dietary needs’ notes area, or by email – admin@shininglights.co.nz.

If you prefer an invoice: We can easily send one upon request.


To read more about what will be discussed see a blog here.