How to pastor your city – not just your church 

A meeting for pastors and ministers’ group facilitators to encourage and inspire fresh vision and thinking. Run by the Shining Lights Trust.

Friday 21st September

8am Welcome and breakfast

8.30am Introduction: The need for a united city and national voice – Dave Mann

9am The potential of a united prayer movement – Colin Shaw (‘City by City’)

10am  The DNA of a Ministers’ Group that brings change to the city – Seth Fawcett (Hope Centre movement, and Hope Centre, Lower Hutt)

11am Morning tea

11.30am  Four short interviews: 

  1. (Pending) Rural town pastor – How are you seeking to know and bless the key players in your community?
  2. (Pending) South Island small city pastor – How are you seeking to reconnect pastors’ in your city?
  3. (Pending) Rural town – What have you (the pastors’  group) done to  become a voice within your community?
  4. (Pending) City pastor – What are the keys to having maintained the unity of your city’s pastor’s group for so long?

12.30pm Lunch

The cost for this morning meeting is $50 – including breakfast and lunch, and is only for pastors and ministers’ group conveners.

To register (A) Please follow the normal registration process – but add $50 to the total, and mention that this is for the ‘pastors only morning’ in the ‘dietary needs’ notes area.

(B) Or email admin@shininglights.co.nz and we will invoice you for this.


To read more about what will be discussed see a blog here.