GODtalk is a national youth outreach vision purposed to catalyse confidence in Christian youth to engage the faith conversation with their peers through conversation itself, school groups and the use of creative and cultural arts – from the base of their youth ministries.

Includes – digital support resource, regional events, school programme ideas and free monthly updates

View the Godtalk.nz website or read the below to know a little of the ‘what and why’ behind it.


Involvement with NZ Church youth ministries is declining significantly in New Zealand — yet 85% of those who come to faith in Christ do so before the age of 20.  We believe there is a clear and compelling need for a new youth initiative in New Zealand, on behalf of all the authentic Christians who in our nation, and who contributed to our nation’s history, and to our heritage as Westerners!

In a community with a High School between of 900 to 1000 students, 180 were in a youth group 25 years ago, 80 were 15 years ago, and less than 35 are today. If we multiply this by 15 cities and 100+ towns, it paints a picture.


Godtalk.nz has raised a standard through establishing two goals related to (1) outreach equipping in every youth ministry every year, and (2) school groups flowing from this (read in full at Godtalk.nz).

High quality concise online video series helps to resource youth leaders to achieve these goals, including:

(i) outreach equipping videos with studies, (ii) leadership videos (for youth leaders – then used by them to grow their own leaders), and (iii) school group videos.

All videos are only 5mins long, and of high quality. Godtalk Regional Reps then play a role in encouraging youth leaders to embrace the two goals – while showing them free support resources, and to potentially catalyse a regional Godtalk Talent Quest – which aids the use of creative and cultural arts in communicate of Christian messages, while being a platform to motivate youth and youth leaders to implement everything mentioned here.


Outreach equipping

If youth leaders are not equipping their youth in this area – or do not know how, now they do! God-talk provides youth and youth leaders with concise outreach-equipping videos, with discussion guides. Ongoing equipping and mobilising of young people is thus enabled.



Leadership training

The 12 leadership-training video-tutorials (with discussion guides) teach youth leaders how to (i) build an outreaching culture, and (ii) how to attract crowds and facilitate some great outreaching programs. Youth leadership teams can watch these to learn together. Youth leaders turn over quicker than every 2 years, on average. The Senior Pastor thus has an important role. This resource can be a tool in his/her hands to ensure that the 5 or more new youth leaders they have within a decade all begin with a clear knowledge of their God-given mission, and how to approach it.



School groups

A decreasing number of secondary schools have Christian groups in them. Only one province as a regional event annually to connect and support schools groups. There is almost no intentional support given to school groups throughout the regions of our nation. They are very weak! Our equipping videos (not yet created) will help youth catch a vision for what they could do, any how. In the mean time our webpage shares a vision, and under it various ideas can be found in a blog. We also speak to this topic, and all topics related to Godtalk vision – with more than 110 seminars spoken within so far throughout NZ. (Note: Some great resources already exist, like 101 ideas for school groups from ‘New Generation’ here)



This effort is genuinely national  – with 250 youth ministries connected and over 500 subscribers.

It is also quite uniquely positioned, with potential to become a significant national, non-denomination, outreach-focused youth movement, encouraging outreach equipping, school groups, youth ministry networking and events, and more.

Generous donors are sought. Donations can be made via AllTogether.co.nz/donate.

We believe the above three points are priority-needs for the New Zealand Church. We identify them as distinct gaps in the work that currently exists. It is essential that our nation’s youth ministries know their mission, and are equipped to serve it.


If you’re a youth pastor/leader in your church, or a youth wanting to get equipped, or learn more about how to run a schools group, then sign up  for our updates (that offer free resources) here.

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