Whether you’re a church leader or an individual you can make a huge impact on the effectiveness the Church has in reaching people.

You can either partner your church (if you are a key church leader) or partner your youth (if you’re a youth pastor) or partner yourself (as an individual). Please fill in your details below and join the growing community of NZ Christians who are working ‘All Together’ to see the Gospel spread throughout Aotearoa.


AT Consulting: If you’re a key leader in your church and want to see the evangelistic culture of your church changed, link in here. Our monthly updates include a motivational thought and links to free online resources that will help you to help your members get mobilised.

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Youth Leaders

GODtalk… coming soon! For early partnership, fill in the form below:

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Become an individual partner and receive monthly News and Prayer Updates. We would love your prayerful support.

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