01 Aug, 2023 Post-secularism: A global trend that’s good for the gospel

Post-secularism: A global trend that’s good for the gospel

Culture is constantly changing.

In the book ‘In One Spirit’ I noted various trends within our wider culture. Some were working for the wider hopes of Christians – and some against. The point was to assess the potential future interplay of these trends. Only with that view can we wisely assess where we put our focus – in our case, regarding Christian activism to bring about good, as defined by a trust in Jesus and his teachings.

Half a dozen years on, the ‘post secular’ trend is now more than clear even to those sceptical of the idea earlier. The promises of secularism have failed. It is an empty promise, because it has no inherent foundation for objective values. As Christianity is removed the ‘law of love’ therefore naturally becomes replaced by the ‘law of power. This is the space of Western politics.


Words and definitions

Regarding the ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ of our politics – ‘liberalism’… is a word often associated by with the Left. The idea is however based around the liberty (freedom) of the individual. It is therefore about the consent of the governed, political equality, the right to private property and equality before the law. This is premised on the idea of the unique value of all human life – ‘created in the image of God’  (Genesis 1:27).

With the words understood, for a definition – New Zealand is  a ‘Liberal Democracy’.

What is clear to many in our current times is that the Left is now working more against these ideas of individual freedom than for them. The Left has gone back to its origins in the French Revolution, embracing an worldview most easily summarised by the word Socialism (The State is the greatest good and needs more power – ‘for the good of the people’). The moment we are standing on an irreligious or atheistic foundation (as the French then were), there is no objective basis to say a human life is of special value. Without God, ‘liberty’ becomes a baseless idea – even though the ‘bait and switch’ of Socialism always claims to be ‘for the people’.

Today, due to the over-reach of the Left, wider Western civilisation – of which we are a part – is waking up to this.

Broadly speaking ‘Conservatism’ means ‘to conserve’. This is  simple to define.

What is being conserved it usually… the values of the past that enabled us to become what we are (or have been).

What have we been? It is objectively true to say we’ve been one of the most amazingly prosperous, free, equality-based and charitable societies in the world, and in human history!

How did we get to have it so good? Christianity is literally at the core of it. Anyone who says different either hasn’t studied history, or is influenced by a modern historical narrative.

Regarding ‘post-secularism’ – I suspect the empty promises of ‘secularism’ are reaching their apex. The challenge is in the enormous power the far Left has. They are the majority stake-holders in globalism, the UN, the WEC, the WHO, the banks – and in the shaping of public media.

This article is written to… highlight a dozen news articles to gives sight of the ‘conservative’ trend that is taking place in response to this.

The relevance… is in how we then adapt as churches, to engage within society. (We would be wise to act).


Here are a dozen  news incidents that suggest this trend to me.

These are written in no particular order

  1. Conservatism growing in Europe

Currently my understanding is that 17 nations in Europe now have conservative Governments.

  1. Italy

Giorgia Meloni’s win in Italy was particularly amusing for those who investigated. Western media naturally labelled her a ‘Fascist’ – because she’s not a Communist. The irony is that both are expressions of socialism – and she is far from a Fascist.

In truth, her sin was pursuing values based on the following three things: ‘God, nation and family.’

Who would ever have believed a liberal Western nation like Italy would elect a Prime Minister who campaigned on the values of ‘God, nation and family’?!

What’s happening?

A primary factor is the immigration laws of the EU the past 15 or more years – which come from a ‘Leftist’ political and moral doctrine. These are now seriously backfiring.  Rampant immigration of people from other cultures and faiths – who had no intent of ever integrating, is now causing immeasurable troubles. Population statistics 15 years ago already stated clearly that European culture as a whole was in danger of being lost. Today it is worse.

  • Rape statistics of white women in particular are through the ceiling. (If a child is born, seeded by someone of a particular religion, the child is widely believed to be of that religion).
  • Crime likewise – with a direct correlation between immigration and crime if the racial background of each individual is considered. In one news article – I think about Sweden – it was demonstrated that were they to have not allowed this immigration of people from an entirely different religious culture, over 85% of their crime would immediately be solved. These are disturbing trends – with immigrants refusing to assimilate, with clear and stated goals to eventually usurp power, to the State by their own rules and religion.
  • Terrorist activities have literally multiplied across the past decade. I recall a news article from Germany showing a 3x increase in terrorism across a 3 year period – and they cannot wind that ‘clock’ back.

It’s a changed world. Many are realising the narratives given through public media were objectively false and untrue in their claims. They have been intimidated and duped – and they are now seeing it.


  1. France

The recent protests in France were huge. In about a week they saw 1000 buildings set alight, 250 schools burnt or vandalised and 6000 cars burnt. The protestors (who are correctly called terrorists if measured by their actions) were – sadly – mostly immigrants. Having come from poverty to a nation where they can be paid a to do nothing on a benefit, they feel they are being harshly treated. It was a repeat of the terrorism of the duplicitous BLM movement – which became a State sanctioned movement of violence and anarchy. Blacks were not helped. Money was embezzled. Even Floyd’s own family were not helped in any way. (It was Christians who did that – with Candice Owens making a documentary about it, to reveal what was happening behind the ‘veil’ of public media coverage).

Nothing excuses violence, looting and the burning of buildings and cars! That’s not a protest. That’s anarchy – and an attempt at a revolution / power grab!


  1. Trump – and the rise of the conservative anti-corruption voice in the US

Most wouldn’t know, but Fox is bigger than of any the so-called ‘main stream’ news channels, and  many times over if measured by audience. Even political commentators like the comedian JP Sears (who runs a youtube channel) have bigger audiences than the likes of MSNBC, while he has maybe 1 staff to help him edit videos, compared to MSNBCs 800+. Or consider CNNs approx. 3000 – with no bigger audiences in America that I’m aware of. Tucker’s single programme (prior to his being fired) had a larger audience in the US many times larger than the enormous CNN.

Something is shifting in culture!

It also isn’t so much support Trump as it is a reaction against the corruption of the Washington ‘swamp’. The wealthy elites have gained control of the American political system – and the public have worked it out. Public media is owned – and narrates for that Elite – who are ‘Left’ by policy, even if sometimes Republican (‘Right’) in appearance.

The trend isn’t that the public want Trump. They want any one who will push back against the corruption of their entire system. They also want journalism! Seeing  a Trump rally with 50,000 or 100,000 people says it all – while there are pictures of Biden in attempted Rallies in cities with 200 people in attendance.  The Government-sanctioned opening of the Southern Border, projected to result in 16 million ILLEGAL (not legal) immigrants is suspected to be an attempt to win the next election – by corrupting the system so the illegal immigrants can vote. Most will support the man who let them – enabling their unwarranted access to free healthcare, education and security cheques / food stamps – at the expense of the American people.

Trump is hated in public media because he is directly threatening the very establishment that gives the elite their power.

An intriguing recent article was titled,”Republican party changed forever.” It suggested the loyalty of the public wasn’t actually to the Republican party. It was instead to any individual (politician or journalist) who would stand up to the corruption of their political system. To quote from the article, “Trump and Tucker Carlson have become the voice of the populace.” (Video here)


  1. Rev Calvin Robinson.

A new Anglican Priest, Calvin was invited to a public debate within the Anglican church around the issue of homosexuality. He spoke honestly, that the Bible says what it says. The church’s role isn’t to pander to the changing desires of popular culture – even though it is certainly to love all people. He lost his job as a result.

What was interesting is that the video of his speech then went viral – and the public supported Calvin! Even many voices in public media – who are on the Left in their ideas –   supported him. It wasn’t that they agreed with his ideas. They agreed that he had the  right to hold those ideas – and of all places, to do so in the ‘church’ that had now fired him, which was now looking like yet another victim and pawn of the developing globalist culture.

Theological changes within Anglicanism in England continue at pace currently – and with it various Vicars are leaving the denomination.


  1. What is a woman?

A woman is an adult human female. It is a very simple.

The reason this question has become famous is because the political correctness being pushed upon the public by the elite says it is prejudicial to answer question in the obvious way.

The tragedy – and reason this question has fame – is that this has successfully intimidated politicians, teachers, health-care professionals, media commentators and more into silence and compliance. They are too scared to speak.

I don’t profess to know or understand why the Left is pushing the particular matter – other than for the division in society it causes, creating an environment of instability and flux that is conducive for wider change.

The public, however, can see what is happening – and it will backfire!

In the UK, teens and young adults who suffered ‘conversion therapy’ at the hands of the Left are now bringing their cases to court – demanding accountability from those who mutilated and irreparably altered their bodies, thereby failing to protect them when young.

The prevalence of autistic children in the mix is known – and should always have been an alarm bell.

The schools of psychiatrists who were initially  silenced by fear – giving approval, are now reversing their previously stated views.

The giving to children of certain hormones, and of irreversibly operations like castration or removing breasts, is being stopped.

These are the kinds of things that are causing the public to change their views!


  1. GBN (Great Britain News)

Started only two years ago, it’s the highest rating news programme.

Nigel Farage just became the most popular news journalist/commentator in Britain.

Hated by the Left, Farage then had access to all British Banks revoked. They have then gone for his relatives in the same way. Various other people who have spoken up for conservative views have similarly been targeted – cutting them off from participation in the society. Each has had to find solutions – to survive. But the public are watching!

This is why the public are swinging Right. It’s not that they love the Right. They can see that something fundamental in our societies, that has enabled freedom, prosperity and equality for all, is being undermined!


  1. The Brexit

The Brexit  deserves a mention. While it won by only a small majority, it reflected the then-attitudes of half the population. They had lost their trust in the wider globalist establishment.


  1. J.P. Sears’ conversion 

It was intriguing to see this American comedian and political commentator becoming a Christian recently. He put out a 25 minute video – which he prefaced by saying it wasn’t a comedy video. Previously he’d supported both Democrats and Republicans – and was a promotor of various Eastern spiritualities. So, why become a Christian?

He said that seeing the rise of evil convinced him there is evil – which pushed him to move toward what is good. If true evil exists, then God must. It was, for him, a natural progression.

In reviewing this article a year on – I note that the actor and political commentator Russell Brand has taken the exact same journey. Having been a strong advocate for Eastern spiritualities he become a Christian.

What, then, is the connection between the preservation of individual rights and freedoms – and Christianity?

The public are working out that the connection is specific and direct. Remove the idea of the Christian God, and many of the cultural blessings we’ve all enjoyed disappear!


  1. Increasing courage to disagree with bicultural narratives – including in our own nation

A tool that has been used to silence the public is fear. With the rise of ‘cancel culture’, the ‘mob’ has been released to essentially de-platform anyone who dares speak against a current Leftist (‘woke’) idea – to ruin reputation, family relationships, employment and more.

  • This is ‘bully culture’ – and it is alive and well, primarily enacted by public media and the ‘mob’ who serve them.

In a very interesting cultural change the one-time fear of being called a racist or homophobe is now disappearing. The wider public have realised that, no matter what they do, if they don’t comply with the dictates of the media elite and mob they are going to be accused of these things.

The power of those who would desire to take power is in the fear they cause. They subdue people through intimidation. If the public stop being scared of them – they lose their fear. (If the public speak – the freedom to do so is preserved).

This is a turning point in culture!


To illustrate from New Zealand, I’ve been an adamant supporter of Treaty things for many years. To note a trend in our social media, even a year ago no one would challenge an idea stated in support of Māori cause. They were too scared of being labelled a racist. A year on, and we this has changed! We have seen bold people in our social media directly challenging things they believe to be irrational or unjust in the bicultural space – with no fear of the labels. They are refusing to be intimidated – because the Left has now gone too far!

It is a turning point in culture!

If the Left ‘over reaches’ too far, they undermine their own cause. (The only way they can win is to move hard and fast, seizing power – to remove any possibility of the public standing to resist them. Like in the revolutions of the past 200 years – premised on the same Socalistic ideas – they need a mob. The use that mob to intimidate – but they must move fast, before the people perceive what is happening, and rally to defend their freedoms).

The tragedy here is that a just cause can be undermined by the over-reach of the Left!

In the bicultural space this is already happening. Our Government has pushed their ‘bicultural’ agendas too quickly. They have not led. They are socialists – and they have become arrogant. They have believed they can be socialists – ignoring the people – ‘because we know best’. So they have ‘dictated’.


Even if the cause in this instance was good, the future is unfortunately not hard to predict. Leadership through change is leadership through change. Break the social contract / trust given to you – and you will pay! The public will react against the bicultural trend and journey. Māori will be angry – as also many others who believe the general direction to have its merits. It is a simple case of the misuse of power – in a free country.

(I believe we will need to go ‘backwards’ before we can again go forwards. This will be challenging for some to accept.)

In leadership, you have to bring the people with you.

We also need journalism – which is rare amongst ‘journalists’ in our day. I understand that over 90% of those working at Media Works, as one example, vote on the Left. Their objectivity is objectively compromised!

Regarding the trend -having abandoned Christian values, the ‘law of love’ is naturally replaced by the ‘law of power’ (the ‘survival of the fittest’).

As Christian values weaken, Governments (and their ideological supporters as the media supported ‘mob’) over-reach – and the people then become awakened.

As a trend – the public are increasingly seeing through the narratives, and are finding their own voice as a result.



In summary

It is a drama playing out in front of our eyes – and its end isn’t determined.

Those with power globally are powerful! They have the upper hand! Western freedom might be past the point of no return – despite many amazing freedoms that we still have. The trend is against them – in favour of a power-hungry and religiously secular globalism (in which the end will justify the means, the elite will believe themselves to know best, and the public will be viewed nothing more than pawns to be moved, manipulated, coerced, intimidated – or even eliminated. History already tells us this story).

However, if the public desire to retain their freedoms – history shows this can be done.

What then of the religious dynamic within this?

As the root of this ‘culture war’ is the Christian belief that ‘human rights’ are real – because they are God-given. Human beings are no merely advanced animals. We were created special by God. This gives inherent value – and rights – to every person. On this premise alone does our freedom, prosperity, equality and care exist.

The trend against those seeking to exert and take power ‘for our good’ is therefore also, unavoidably, one that is toward Christ!

This explains why Left-leading Eastern-religion-promoting people like JP Sears and Russell Brand had shifted first from centre Left to centre Right, but then also to an embrace of the Christian faith itself!


For followers of Christ

  • If we, can understand this trend, we can adapt in the way we work, witness and engage.
  • This is to say, there is potential for immense favour toward us, but this isn’t a given.
  • We can speak. We can act. We can create resources. We can engage with public conversations and perspectives by wise means.
  • If we are wise, we must do this. We can proactively engage with the spiritual interest and this can bring great hope!


DAVE MANN. Dave is a networker and creative communicator with a vision to see an understanding of the Christian faith continuing and also being valued in the public square in Aotearoa-New Zealand. He has innovated numerous conversational resources for churches, and has coordinated various national nationwide multimedia Easter efforts purposed to open up conversations between church and non-church people about the Christian faith and its significance to our nation’s history and values. Dave is the Producer of the ‘Chronicles of Paki’ illustrated NZ history series created for educational purposes, and the author of various other books and booklets including “Because we care”, “That Leaders might last” and “The Elephant in the Room”. Married to Heather, they have four boys and reside in Tauranga, New Zealand.

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