One Million Children


Recently NZ Baptist statistician, Lynne Taylor recorded in the national Baptist magazine the following…

Compared to ten years ago…

  • “We have thirteen per cent fewer adults in our churches now.”
  • “We have twenty-two per cent fewer teens”
  • “We have twenty-six per cent fewer children”
  • “Thirty per cent of our churches have fewer than ten children”

These statistics should be a huge wake-up call for church leaders, pastors, denominational heads and church members. I certainly found these insights shocking and sobering. They changed me. They stirred me. They spurred me to action and I hope they will you.

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“We have one million 0-15 year old’s in New Zealand, with only 100,000 somehow connected to the church. Nine out of ten kiwi kids have yet to be connected to the wonderful person and hope-filled message of Jesus. And yet our everyday kiwi values come from this faith, and with our declining mental health statistics in mind as just one example, there has never been a time in which hope has been needed by our nation’s children and families!

If you are involved or interested in children’s ministry — this book is for you.” — Tony Collis