Gifts at Christmas – the story of Saint Nicholas


‘Gifts At Christmas’ – the story of Saint Nicholas


“Something strange is happening in the town of Myra. Someone is leaving gifts for young and old alike in all sorts of places. Sometimes it’s a much-needed coat, a box of food, a wooden toy for a child or a new pair of shoes. Will this mysterious person be found, and will the giving of gifts catch on around the world?”


This is a fantastic new book created for children aged 4-8 years old, as a dramatised account of the history of Saint Nicholas of Myra, Turkey (270-343AD), whose life is the origin of our Santa Claus and gift-giving traditions at Christmas.

ISBN: 978-1-7386133-0-4

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WHY DID WE CREATE A ‘SAINT NICHOLAS’ STORY? We believe this is a story the Christian community could redeem – noting his amazing life and witness is the origins of the ‘Santa Claus’ tradition.The story is intentional not to directly equate him with Santa – while concurrently giving plenty of fun clues that connect to Christmas traditions, from different parts of his life.