Why me Tract


Sold in packs of ten, fifty or one hundred.


What Christians believe about suffering.

Have you met someone who is looking for meaning in life, or simply feeling depressed about life?

Got a friend wondering where God is in their suffering?

36 pages, full colour, quality paper, quality content with gentle tone.

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The benefits of using our mini-booklets…

  • The topics can relate.
  • They are easy to read.
  • The gentle tone doesn’t cause offense (we are in a multi-religious society), so they are more likely to be read cover-to-cover.
  • They can get people thinking again about spiritual things.
  • In general, ‘tracts’ / booklets don’t get intimidated and then decide not to share the message, like people sometimes do.
  • Booklets go into homes — and when they do, they stay there!
  • They also put things in simple words that we might otherwise struggle to find words to express.
  • …and they work! People to read them. Faith does get inspired. God does touch hearts!
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