Why Christians believe Christianity to be true – Set


Why Christians believe Christianity to be true – Boxed Set of 7 Booklets

This boxed set of 7 booklets are well researched, with references to recognised experts in a wide range of areas. They include many images, illustrations and quotations which enhance interest and engagement with the text (which totals 240 pages across the 7 booklets).

This is a quality print product in every way, remarkably concise for what it communicates, easy to read, and in a cover sleeve designed to look good on a shelf.

They can be used as a standalone resource, or in combination with the 7 videos & discussion guides available at whychristiansbelieve.nz.

The 7 booklets are titled:

  1. Did God really create? (example of content HERE)

  2. The world’s most reliable ancient document

  3. The world’s most prophetic book

  4. A seemingly crazy claim

  5. A seemingly arrogant claim 

  6. An explanation that makes sense 

  7. A faith that works 


Going to print late October 2023, these will first be posted out mid-November.

ISBN: 978-0-47366803-7

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A simple and authentic explanation of things you might not otherwise hear.

The ‘Why Christians believe’ series includes 7 FREE videos with the 7 booklets and also small-group discussion guides available online here: whychristiansbelieve.nz. The booklets expand on the content considerably – and creatively – while being very concise.

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