Chronicles of Paki Series 3 (Treaty of Waitangi)


With the first two series narrating the biographies of key people in the context of the year prior, series three narrates the specific events leading up to, during and following the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi. This is New Zealand’s untold story.

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Series Three of The Chronicles of Paki begins with the extraordinary changes in thinking that took place in Britain during the abolition of the slave trade. This thinking, combined with the request from Māori for British intervention in New Zealand, created a truly remarkable event. A treaty was put in place, that contrary to past British practices, sought to protect the land and rights of indigenous people.

This series of children’s books follows the events that took place from the time of the slave trade through to the week leading up to the signing of the Treaty. It then skips through time describing what happened over the following decades.

The stories outline the immense disappointment experienced by Māori as the high ideals of the Treaty were ignored. They then go on to describe the land march led by Dame Whina Cooper which helped bring the disregard for New Zealand’s founding document to the nation’s attention and conscience.

The stories conclude with a look at how the treaty injustices have been addressed in recent years as New Zealand works to right the wrongs of the past.

The third release in a series of 15 NZ stories – sold in a set of 5. Series One was released in 2014, Series Two in 2015 and are also available on this website.

Series Three — The Treaty of Waitangi:

1. Te Rerenga — The Pathway
2. Te Wiki — The Week
3. Te Hui — The Meeting
4. Te Tohu — The Signing
5. Te Nanu — The Disappointment

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