15 Dec, 2020 CommUnity – Six reasons I’m excited about this innovation


Six reasons I’m excited about this innovation

In the charity sector new avenues for funding are rare. In 2021 we will all be privileged to see a new avenue created. As an innovator myself, I love innovation – and this is probably why I was very quickly excited by this one, because I believe it will work! I have been privileged to have been connected with it in a small way during its development. This is innovation at its best – and here are the six reasons I love it!

1. This has created a new avenue for charitable giving
It redirects ‘discounts’ on purchases to charities nominated by the customer – therefore costing the purchaser nothing (they merely pass on a ‘discount’), while helping charity. The idea of being charitable is strongly build into the psyche of New Zealanders.  

2. Technologically, this is next level 
This will apply to all purchases from participating businesses either online or in a store – automatically!
There are some additional amazingly innovative options in the pipeline too – which means this will only get better!

3. The sums involved are significant 
How much might 3% of an average merchant’s income be? Or consider what 3% of an average household’s expenditure might be. As participation grows, those amounts will now be redirected to charity. As the number of members grows – the number of businesses wanting to participate will grow.
– If a charity had even just 10 households nominate them a one of their 3 charities, those small amounts would add up.
– The potential for organisations with larger memberships, like churches and schools, is notable.

4. For those running charities there is no risk, while clear benefit
– From the time a charity signs up – and their first individual nominates them as one of their three charities, funds generated from the individuals purchases with a participating business will automatically go to the charity.

5. For businesses, this protects their interests and helps their brand
– Merchants only ever pay the percentage they agree upon when they sign up.
– Through participating they gain loyal customers because the customers love the fact that their charities receive donations every time they shop!
– While businesses do pay an annual registration fee, they also get a 33% tax rebate for the donations that are created – including for that registration fee.
– These businesses will also be able to boast about how much giving they passed on to charities through this each year – helping their brand while genuinely helping the community!

6. Through the strengthening of charities, people are helped!  
This is the point of the initiative.

If your members nominate your charitable group as one of their three nominated charities, you will have a new source of untagged funds coming into your account every quarter to help you help people! 

For application

> I encourage that you register your church / charity

> I encourage that you plan a time to promote this to your members. It will build slowly – but participation is the key

I encourage that your city/town pastors’ group discuss this – and consider the opportunity it presents to share the opportunity with other charities and schools in your community.  Let’s be a blessing to others! 




DAVE MANN. Dave is a creative communicator with a vision to see an understanding of the Christian faith continuing, and also being valued, in the public square in Aotearoa-New Zealand. He has innovated numerous conversational resources for churches, and recently coordinated a 5th nationwide multimedia Easter project purposed to help open conversation between church and non-church people about Christianity take place, including regarding the specifically Christian origins of many of our nation’s most treasured values. Dave is the author of various books and booklets including “Because we care”, “That Leaders might last”, “The Elephant in the Room”, and available for free on this site: “The What and How of Youth and Young Adult ministry”. Married  to Heather, they have four young boys and reside in Tauranga, New Zealand.  
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