Our society has changed. ‘Old’ methods for evangelism aren’t working well. Many church leaders recognise that evangelism has fallen into the ‘too hard basket’ — yet they still have evangelical convictions.  What is the path forward?

The below videos can help you build an ‘Outreaching Culture’ in a unique way! They are for you to show to your leadership team / elders board  and to discuss together. Thinking leads to behaviour — so principally this is about changing the way your leaders and members think about outreach. You can’t fix a paradigm problem with a  programme solution!

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#1 Introductory workshop for church leadership teams

This 8-minute video for pastors and their leadership teams covers some important foundational perspectives.  It is an optional session – that pastors can use if they think it is needed.

It is purposed to ensure a leadership team is in unity in their understanding of what the mission of the Church is. It then identifies some key ‘hurdles’ that would need overcoming if an authentically outreaching culture were ever to be established in a church in which members are not yet effectively mobilised as everyday conversational witnesses.

A notes sheet, with discussion questions can be downloaded underneath it.

Note: If there is a negative feeling toward ‘evangelism’, and a feeling that many are unable to engage with it, we encourage that your leadership team watch video #4 below before looking at the explanations of the strategy for church leaders (video 2) and small group leaders (video 3)

#2 Outreaching Culture Strategy – for church leaders

This 10-minute video for pastors and their leadership teams explains a simple and practical leadership strategy with which church leaders could build an authentically outreaching culture. It introduces 6 principles, applied through 4 leadership habits, and comes with various support resources – which are all free via the resources page/links of our website.

A notes sheet, with discussion questions can be downloaded underneath it.

Survey for annual review HERE.

Expected results: The primary measurable results mentioned are (1) an increase in the number of members who have engaged in everyday spiritual conversations, (2) an increase in the number of visitors to the church, (3) an increase in the ‘friendliness’ of members toward new visitors and (4) a resulting increase in the number people choosing to follow Christ.

Appointing a second-in-charge: Who in your leadership team might be suitable to be a 2IC to you in this? How will you, as a leadership team, keep yourselves accountable to be consistent in these habits from year to year – until they are your permanent habit? Changing culture takes time – but will deliver results that no end of programs will achieve. 

To read more: Download a free chapter about this strategy from Dave Mann’s book The Elephant in the Room HERE. or purchase the whole book via a quick search for it (Green cover) HERE.

#3 Outreaching Culture Strategy – for small group leaders

This 17-minute video for small group leaders in local churches explains the habits through which small group leaders could also work to equip and mobilise church members as everyday conversational witnesses. Through these habits they have the power to AMPLIFY the pastors efforts through the ‘outreaching culture’ strategy explained above. The stated goal is to ‘reinsert’ the mission of the church small group into these groups – in recognition that many groups are already serving other good purposes. 

A notes sheet, with discussion questions can be downloaded underneath it.

EXTRA RESOURCE ON INTENTIONAL DISCIPLE-MAKING THROUGH SMALL GROUPS : You will find 3 x 30min small group training videos with Dave (and more! at this webpage here. The topic is how to make disciple-making disciples through small groups. (The key word for disciple-making is intentionality!)

#4 Outreaching Culture Strategy – the conversational approach

This 14-minute video provides some teaching about personal outreach that could be of great help to churches and Christians who feel negative toward ‘evangelism’, or unable to engage others in those kinds of spiritual conversations. 

This will be highly relevant content for most churches in Western environments.

A notes sheet, with discussion questions can be downloaded underneath it.

When we all think differently we will all act differently.

The results could be greater than we ever expected!

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