13 Jun, 2015 Appendix 1

Ministry Assessment Preamble

This is an assessment tool I created in 2007 for Cell Group leaders to help them identify areas of growth and development needed in their Cell Groups.

I have made slight adjustments to the wording of the questions so we can use it to also assess the general health of our youth or young adults ministries.

I include the original introduction.  If you intend to use an assessment like this with a group of your leaders, reading out this introduction will help guide the tone of the feedback toward ‘constructive and affirming criticism’ rather than just criticism.

At the end of it you will be able to give yourself a score which will reflect the health of your ministry.

At the end of it you will also be able to identify the areas of your ministry in which you could seek to ‘improve’ in as a leader.

This would also help you focus in on the parts of this book that might be of greatest help to you (for this book contains chapters on leadership, worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, evangelism, and more…)

Enjoy 🙂

Dave Mann

Download the Ministry Assessment Tool here.

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