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Questions to guide you toward a comprehensive strategic plan

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1. Knowing the vision

Your first steps in establishing a ministry’s direction are prayer, and then considering the vision, or purpose, of the group (or ministry).  The books, “The Purpose Driven Church” and “The Purpose Driven Youth Ministry” give great teaching on these areas.

The next step is to consider the vision and purpose of the various components of your ministry.  You are seeking to first envisage what you feel you may be called to ‘build’ for the Lord in each area. Until your vision for the ministry and its components are clear, you are not really positioned to work out what you might need to do to see disciples result from your ministry.  It all starts with vision!

2. Working towards the plan

Having defined the ‘ideal destination’, the list of questions below might be useful to you.  Over a few years of ministry experience, with a learning attitude, you could come to clear answers for all of these questions, and many more as well.


I suggest it takes a good five years for someone to work their way through these questions as a Pastor or discipler (spiritual leader).  The vision is then accomplished by building a team that shares the vision, and whom you have discipled on the values and skills needed.

There are thus no shortcuts to a fruitful Church or ministry – but the fruit such a ministry can produce (if it is a truly spiritual ministry, and just not a well-planned one) is truly worth the effort!

Have a look through the questions, and consider what your next steps might be.

Download your questions to guide you to a Comprehensive Strategic Plan.

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