13 Jun, 2015 Postscript

Your next steps?

We hope this book, including the various resources in the Kick-start Resource CD,  have been of use to you.

To help you toward your ministry, we offer you two final tools, found in the appendices for you.

  1. A ministry assessment tool (which it was suggested at the end of Chapter 1 to do then)
  2. A lengthy list of questions to help your journey toward a more comprehensive and strategic plan for your ministry

Regarding the second of these appendices, it took me well more than five years in ministry to find answers for these questions.  The encouragement, however, is that the maturity of our spiritual leadership can grow significantly if we are willing to be students of spiritual leadership.  There is much we can learn, and we can be more effective in our service to God if we are willing to take that path.

May the Lord lead you, teach you, and use you greatly for His glory!
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