22 Jul, 2022 Change is coming – like it or not. What’s our role?

Change is coming – like it or not. What’s our role?

(This article is intended specifically for church leaders – not wider audiences).
Do not be unaware – the world is changing in front of our eyes. I suggest we have a role to play – and like in the image, old ways won’t open new doors.
I choose to personally avoid comment on political issues – except in relation to how the system works. However, as Christian leaders I suggest awareness of some news is important – like this small piece of news re the UN and WEC. This is particularly important because it shows the extent to which powerful people are uniting as one. 
> 45sec video- Click here.
> To assess the news objectively – I suggest that any hope or though that significant changes might not actually be coming are misled.
This agreement – which is one of many that are happening at pace, highlights the probably speed and scope of coming changes.
I suggest that the people of our various nations won’t be able to stop the coming changes – even though I suspect that many (most?) in Western nations would not generally agree with what their leader are doing on their behalf if they were aware. Many will consider the kinds of decisions being made to be ‘against’ the people – so I predict that ‘resistance movements’ will strengthen considerably, while public media will remain loyal to those with power.
One of our coming challenges is that we will all end up with people in our congregations caught up in a push back against the top-down controls and changes that they believe are being made against the will of the people. We will therefore all need to navigate this.
The impact on energy, farming and food will be particularly significant – even though NZ is still buffered / not ‘hit’ at this time. Those in the farming sector can see it coming. Our current feeling of ‘security’ doesn’t mean this isn’t happening – if we’re aware of global news. Our nation signed up early with the WEC re Agenda 2030 – and just as readily with the UN. This happened under the Key Government to note that. Luxton is silent on these topics. I make this comment only to be realistic – not to say whether what they did was right or wrong (you decide for yourself). My point is that if those not liking what is happening are placing their hopes in a change of Government, that might change nothing. Only time will tell.
The trend is that freedoms will be incrementally crimped, a step at a time. While we would all rather ignore the trend, it’s a widespread international trend, coming from powerful people in each of our nations who are in agreement together. The important matter here is how we DISCIPLE our members in preparation for a possible season of significant change – not to discuss the issues themselves.
If change really is our future reality, what do we do?
I highlight again the “6 pulpit theme suggestions in view of the gobal reset” here.(Skip down to the subtitle “An overarching change – which gives shape to our discipleship themes”).
> The 6 points that follow in that article can all be spoken about / ‘discipled’ without any reference to global news and events.
> (#1. Love God, not mammon, #2. Pursue a life of simplicity, #3. Pursue emotional health through the way you think, #4. Learn how to catalyse and contribute to a relational caring community, #5. Make listening to the whispers of the Spirit a part of who you are, #6. Work while it is light)
We need to lead with our eyes wide open – while discerning which topics and issues are (or are not) most prudent or useful to speak into, with a view to the fact that (a) we have limited influence (b) and therefore need to choose carefully the ends toward which we direct it.
No one can ‘fight’ all battles, on all fronts.
I have been intrigued to notice many pastors are picking up on these themes already either by intuition or by the Spirit’s leading (the above article is not widely read – so I do not suggest the small circles connected with myself are doing this ;-). I suggest there is an inherent logic to what we should do as church leaders – and God is with us! 
Conclusion: Let’s plan how we teach and disciple with a view to preparations for a changing world – because our job is to shine like lights.
We must – as the Church/God’s people, rise above any and all challenges, so we are capable of being there in times of need to offer help and share hope with others.
God is with us to give us supernatural help – so we do not sink emotionally.
In short – Our influence is limited. People need the Lord – and will be looking for hope! How do we position ourselves and our members to ‘shine like lights’ irrespective of any and all  darkness that might be arising around us?
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