Friday 22nd September

(8am-1pm Pastors-only morning)

12pm  Registration opens

2pm  Welcome, worship, ‘God want a harvest (a theology of results)’ – Tony Collis

3.20pm  Afternoon tea

3.50pm Power-talks:

  • ‘The power of God in evangelism’ – Matt Harding
  • ‘When youth choose faith’ – Luke Collis
  • Effective outreach online – Morag Paton

5.05pm Dinner (provided)

6.30pm Worship, keynotes

  • ‘To the ends of the Earth (including great 19th Century Maori evangelists)’ – Stuart Lange
  • ‘The Christian, Holy Spirit, and evangelism’ – Lui Ponifasio

8.30pm Closing prayer and supper

Saturday 23rd September

9am  Welcome and worship

9.45am ‘The call to influence culture’ – Dave Mann

10.20am Morning tea

10.40am Power talks

  • ‘Reaching Indian immigrants’ – Raj Narayanan
  • ‘Authentic conversion’ – Lynne Taylor
  • Living your faith in the market-place’ – Tracey Olivier

12pm Lunch (provided)

1pm Seminar 1

1.45pm Seminar 2

2.30pm Afternoon tea

3pm Seminar 3

3.45pm ‘The kind of person who makes a difference’ – Lui Ponifasio

4.40pm Prayer

4.55pm Closing words and thank you

5pm End