Friday 21st September, 2018

(8am-1pm Pastors-only morning)

12pm  Registration opens

2pm  Welcome, worship,

  • How spiritual are we really? (A statistical analysis from Dr Geoff Troughton and Dr Joseph Bulbulia, Victoria University)
  • Believing for a harvest (a theology of results – Ps Tony Collis

3.30pm  Afternoon tea

4pm Power-talks:

  • How to be authentically Christian in school – (speaker pending)
  • House-Church pioneering among the NZ unchurched – (speaker pending)
  • Connecting the Gospel with Maori today – (speaker pending)

5.05pm Dinner (provided)

6.30pm Worship, keynotes

  • Te Tiriti o Waitangi – A document to be proud of – Jay Lucas
  • Breaking through even the hardest of hearts – (speaker pending)

8.30pm Closing prayer and supper

Saturday 22nd September, 2018

9am  Welcome and worship

  • The Helen Clark Story  – Gordon Copeland (Previous MP)
  • What it means to have a mission – Dave Mann

10.15am Morning tea

10.40am Power talks

  • Reaching Pacifica Immigrants – (speaker pending)
  • Losing our children – how we can turn it around – Karen Warner
  • Conversation with a Mormon – Lew Meyer

12pm Lunch (provided)

1pm Seminar 1 (one of 7 seminars)

1.45pm Seminar 2 (one of 7 seminars)

2.30pm Afternoon tea

3pm Inspiration: Hear the amazing story of Logan Craft – the producer of the famed movie-documentary  ‘Expelled’, who had to spend millions defending himself in the High Court in America for producing this film, which was ironically about the freedom of inquiry and speech – Logan Craft

3.45pm Please change your world! – (speaker pending)

4.30pm Time of prayer and worship

4.55pm Closing words and thank you

5pm End