Phase III needs a financial contribution

02 Nov, 2015 Phase III needs a financial contribution

In this November update to partnered church leaders is:

  1. A planning calendar to make the most of the final phase at Easter 2016;
  2. We ask if you will sponsor 2000 homes, and tell us; and
  3. An amazing new resource, free for you online – check out the promo video.

1. What you need to make the most of this next amazing nationwide gospel opportunity:

Here’s a 6 – 8 week plan for your pulpit, services and small groups leading up to the third and final phase of the Hope Project in April 2016. Check and print this page out for your next leadership team meeting to get it into your 2016 plans:

2. THE FAITH CHALLENGE: Tell us if you can financially sponsor 2000 homes?

Projects like this only happen because many people put their hands together. 

FINANCIAL CHALLENGE: Phase III will cost $820,000 (less than 60c per home). $142,000 has been raised. There are just over 4 months left to raise the rest – with Christmas and holidays amongst them. THIS IS A BIG UNDERTAKING!

SOLUTION: If all 570 partnering churches participated, the gospel would go to every NZ home (with a booklet about Jesus next Easter) for under $1200 per church. Will you rally your church to financially sponsor 2000 NZ homes ($1200)? Donations are voluntary, but support is needed.

Please complete a 2 question survey here or reply to the below:

  • Q1 – Is a donation from your church more likely to be a yes, no or maybe?
  • Q2 – If a yes or a maybe, how much might you donate (via church gift or offering taken)?

Your answers will give our board estimates for the 1 December 2015 meeting at which we will determine the scale of the Phase III media. We are embracing considerable faith-risks. Your response to these questions are vital to aid wise decision-making.

3. Evangelism in your church – A SIGNIFICANT, STRATEGIC, NEW RESOURCE

Click the short video below to watch Dave Mann and Tony Collis explain a new approach to outreach mobilisation. With resource and optional motivational support ‘All Together Consulting’ is about a developing and sustaining a different way of thinking. It could help you find results in outreach that have evaded you otherwise. Please put scepticism’s aside and check out the video. For more go to

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