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Recommended Reads

Alongside the various resources we have freely available to you via the Resources page to help you equip your church members, we also encourage pastors to read at least one book per year about evangelism. NZ-written books we provide include:

elephant cover‘The Elephant in the Room’ by Dave Mann

For church leaders. It seeks to address an area of neglect that many seem disinterested in discussing: Evangelism is often in the ‘too hard basket’ in our churches, yet is integral to our mission. It’s the elephant in the room! However, this book is only written because Dave believes there is hope. There is a way forward! Specifically, there are now solutions on the table that could remedy the current situation. They are profound — yet simple. The question is, are we ready to read, consider and apply them?

$15 plus postage

It's Harvest Time


‘It’s Harvest Time’ by Tony Collis

A motivational and practical book on evangelism.

Produced by Harvest Evangelistic Association Trust, July 3, 2000

Purchase here.

BWC-Study Notes

‘Because we care!’ by Dave Mann

This book provides a simple, practical & achievable approach for doing something we’ve all been talking about for decades:

Developing a sustainable culture of evangelism in our Churches that is suited to our times.

$15 plus postage

Generations for life‘Generations for Life’, by Tony Collis

“Unlocking Personal Fruitfulness.”

This book is all about evangelism & discipleshipIt’s a ‘how to’ book. Its basic premise is about reproducing & multi-generations.

$15 plus postage

Life Transformers‘The Life Transformers’ by John and Yvonne Walton

This is an effective soul-winning and disciple making program that has proved a real success throughout Australia and New Zealand. My wife Yvonne and I have won and discipled hundreds of people to Christ over the last forty years. Scores of these people are serving the Lord in Mission and leadership of Churches in NZ and overseas. Our practical experience is shared in this book. You will be inspired and motivated in soul winning that anyone can be part of, and you don’t have to be an extrovert evangelist type.

Purchase here.

 Gospel Presentations
  • 10DayChallenge.co.nz – a NZ based gospel and discipleship website – Includes gospel presentation, Faith Q&A, testimony videos, discipleship teachings and more.
  • YesHeIs.com – a group who create videos for passing on via email and FB (and church use) as a part of your Christian witness.
  • AnswersAboutLife.com – The gospel video that the G7 app includes (via vimeo)
  • Grafitti ‘Bridge to Life’ – excellent gospel presentation
Smartphone Apps
  • GOSPEL: G7 – a gospel app for smartphones. Search ‘G7 gospel’ on your device.
  • APOLOGETICS: Outstanding apologetic equipping tool for iphone/itouch/ipad from Reasonable Faith (William Lane Craig). Read, listen, watch debates, equip yourself and more. Search ‘Reasonable Faith’ on your device.
Evangelism Ministries and Resources
Evangelism Resources for a Small Group Approach

As above

  • 10 Day Challenge – which uniquely goes on to include a growing pool of concise discipleship teachings (with discussion/reflection questions) for individual or group use.
  • Alpha – covers the basics
  • Christianity Explored – covers the basics
  • Long Story Short – covers all the basics
Questions and Answers

Two outstanding documentaries on science and the existence of God – free online!

Other A&A resources include: