June/July Discussion Groups

16 Feb, 2015 June/July Discussion Groups

Discussion Group Options

Dear Partnering Churches,

As per previous communication one of the requests we are making is that all partnering churches consider running a discussion group June or July. The intent of these is to have your members invite those they converse with during the May Hope Project effort this year so that they can discuss things about the Christianity.

There are FOUR excellent NZ made options – two you may not have even heard of yet! (Click the title to launch their website).


  1. Alpha – well known, freely contact Jonathan Hesp via the website.
  2. Christianity Explored – well known and widely used.
  3. The 10 Day Challenge – This is a Hope Project NZ resource created by our team to aid the discipleship of those who express an interest in following Jesus. It consists of 10 tutorials. Each include a 5 minute video; discussion questions and an additional concluding video of interest. It is unique in that it is free online and can be used in a group setting; person2person or by an individual taking them self through. It works on your smartphone so can be used with a friend in a café; on your laptop in your kitchen or lounge; and in March this year we will be sending a free 10 Day Challenge DVD to all partnering churches for them to freely use in larger group settings. If you chose to run this program in your church or if you encourage your members to take friends through – get mobilised with the 3.5 minute video Tutorial for Discussion Facilitators (also found at the 10DC homepage). A smartphone app will be released for this later in the year + 50 additional 5min teachings planned for those who want to know more.
  4. Long Story Short – This is a new NZ made resource that’s quickly going international! It uniquely and intentionally begins with a discussion on the existence of God. We highly recommend it as an option for group use because the majority of NZers do not believe in the existence of a single, knowable, good God. Check it out, you can view the first two videos at their website for free. Torrey Hilton (found via the website) is willing to travel to present to any ministers’ association about this, if a group of churches were interested to all do the same thing at the same time following the May Hope Project media effort. – You’d need to act quickly upon this if you were interested.

APPLICATION: Which will you use?

Let’s make the most of this opportunity!

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